A few months ago, I suffered with some pretty bad shoulder pain…both shoulders….this coincided with the kidney cancer diagnosis so I suffered through without the use of NSAIDS.  I’ll get back with an NSAIDS discussion!  I had a chiropractor adjustment, had acupuncture a couple of times and a couple of deep tissue massages at the chiropractor’s office….I finally had a little relief.  The chiropractor handed me a bottle of Turmeric and told me to try it for the remaining inflammation and nagging pain.  I did and became a believer in the healing properties.  Not only did it help with my shoulder pain by reducing the inflammation but I realized that the (self diagnosed) arthritis pain in my hands, wrists and elbow as well as my left knee no longer ached!
I’m a skeptic by nature!  When I hear about “miracle cures”, I google and read everything I can feast my eyes on.  For the most part, our U.S. FDA dollar driven medical community refutes anything that doesn’t involve drug companies.  Sometimes I try it and sometimes I don’t.  But the proof is in the pudding (what does that even mean?).  Turmeric works!

Back to NSAIDS.  In my life time, I have consumed lethal doses of ibuprofen and naproxen.  Copious amounts…some of the heavy doses prescribed by the doctor…for my intense menstrual cramps to my knee pain before and after surgery.  I took them for headaches…not just one tablet or capsule but if one was good 3 had to be better…..sometimes on a daily basis…I even used to make the comment that this was probably damaging my kidneys..but reality and my own mortality were not important to me as long as I could make it through the day without pain.

I had a huge wake up call!  Knowing what I know now saving your kidneys and liver are very Important if you want to continue living!  I don’t know if my mega doses of NSAIDS had anything to do with my kidney cancer but I do know that I’m lucky that I have a healthy kidney on the right side and I will do anything to protect it…..and I’m pretty protective of my liver too….never say never, I may have to take Tylenol in the future but I will try other methods for relieving pain before I will pop a pill.

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “Turmeric

  1. How much tumeric are you taking a day Nina?


  2. Accoding to Grammarist:
    Proof is in the pudding
    The idiom is usually stated the proof is in the pudding and means that the end result is the mark of the success or failure of one’s efforts or planning. The phrase may also be used in the past and future tenses: the proof will be/was in the pudding.

    The original phrase was the proof of the pudding is in the eating and was generally used to say that one had try food in order to know if it was good. The word proof is more synonymous with test than evidence. The pudding is good or bad and the trial of eating will decide it; rather than evidence that would prove it is in fact pudding.

    It was a particularly apt phrase because pudding did not mean a creamy dessert, it was the term for a kind of mixture of meat and seasonings stuffed into a casing like sausage. And with meat in the very early 1600s, when the first example of the idiom appears in print, or in the 1400s, when the OED states the phrase originated, it was very easily contaminated. One would not know if it was going to be good or bad until one ate it.

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