A few months ago, I suffered with some pretty bad shoulder pain…both shoulders….this coincided with the kidney cancer diagnosis so I suffered through without the use of NSAIDS.  I’ll get back with an NSAIDS discussion!  I had a chiropractor adjustment, had acupuncture a couple of times and a couple of deep tissue massages at the chiropractor’s office….I finally had a little relief.  The chiropractor handed me a bottle of Turmeric and told me to try it for the remaining inflammation and nagging pain.  I did and became a believer in the healing properties.  Not only did it help with my shoulder pain by reducing the inflammation but I realized that the (self diagnosed) arthritis pain in my hands, wrists and elbow as well as my left knee no longer ached!
I’m a skeptic by nature!  When I hear about “miracle cures”, I google and read everything I can feast my eyes on.  For the most part, our U.S. FDA dollar driven medical community refutes anything that doesn’t involve drug companies.  Sometimes I try it and sometimes I don’t.  But the proof is in the pudding (what does that even mean?).  Turmeric works!

Back to NSAIDS.  In my life time, I have consumed lethal doses of ibuprofen and naproxen.  Copious amounts…some of the heavy doses prescribed by the doctor…for my intense menstrual cramps to my knee pain before and after surgery.  I took them for headaches…not just one tablet or capsule but if one was good 3 had to be better…..sometimes on a daily basis…I even used to make the comment that this was probably damaging my kidneys..but reality and my own mortality were not important to me as long as I could make it through the day without pain.

I had a huge wake up call!  Knowing what I know now saving your kidneys and liver are very Important if you want to continue living!  I don’t know if my mega doses of NSAIDS had anything to do with my kidney cancer but I do know that I’m lucky that I have a healthy kidney on the right side and I will do anything to protect it…..and I’m pretty protective of my liver too….never say never, I may have to take Tylenol in the future but I will try other methods for relieving pain before I will pop a pill.

Until next time….