Fiesta sisters!!!

Dentist appointment this morning for my permanent crown, a trip to Lowes..I told him that he had me out of the house so if he wanted to do something, it was fine with me.  He bypassed the Pleasant Hill exit off 50 highway to the exit for Cockrell…more specifically Cockrell Mercantile.  He knows how to keep his woman happy!  We’ve seen the sign for the Cockrell cottages several times and today I got to experience it.  Anything…and I mean anything you might want for the kitchen or dining room.  But my glee was walking into the fiesta ware cottage.  Here’s a pictorial and I didn’t take pictures of everything.










IMG_5594 (1)


All brand new Fiesta ware…individually priced so you don’t have to buy a set.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Fiesta sisters!!!

  1. That is so awesome! I love fiesta ware! Very cool place


  2. Do they have any of the old original Fiesta ware?

    So you finally got your crown ‘eh? You weren’t wearing it in the picture. I thought you said it was permanent? I always thought you should have a crown.

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  3. all these colors… amazing pics 🙂


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