Frankincense and the scar

Now just over 3 months out from kidney cancer surgery, I wanted to update my scar after using frankincense on it every day


For the last two months I have been using the essential oil on the top half of the scar and nothing on the bottom half.  The difference is remarkable.  Here’s a 3-fer picture.


I’m pretty impressed.  I use it neat..aka without coconut oil..a couple of drops on my finger.

Until next time.

One thought on “Frankincense and the scar

  1. Thanks for thinking of us and sharing. I still think you should have went with the zipper. Maybe a nice flesh tone plastic one. It would look like body art and you could reach in and adjust things as needed. Wonky gall bladder? “zip” and it’s outta there. Rotten appendix? “zip” and it’s outta there.

    Or how about this? A nice tattoo around the scar to make it look like a dragon mouth. Ya, there’s your answer.

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