I miss you Kim Balmer!

 My day of firsts!

I got up at 7AM.

This weekend I’m having my very first garage sale at my house.  We have always lived in the country so having a garage sale at my house was not really an option so every few years Kim and I would have a garage sale together.  They seemed more like a garage sale week because we started agonizing over going through boxes and pricing our treasures for weeks in advance.  Although those nights in the garage setting up the day before the sale are memories I will always treasure!  
This year I have no kids toys and clothes to draw them in!

But I do still have a lot of very valuable stuff 👀

The amazing thing is I forgot this was Pleasant Hill Garage sale weekend; so yesterday when he mentioned all of the traffic on the street because there was a garage sale down the street, I sprung into action and in 30 minutes I WAS READY!  Believe it or not.  I had been hoarding totes of garage sale items since we moved…but still….I was pretty proud of myself.

So here I sit today, enjoying this unseasonably cool morning with a blue sky watching people.  it’s my maiden voyage.  Kim…I flashed back to our dark haired garage sale lady who dickered every price every garage sale and I miss the big old adding machine and I miss the heater!

In my heart, I know someone is going to want the 70s juice can plastic curlers!

Until next time!!!


2 thoughts on “I miss you Kim Balmer!

  1. You are going to make a great ‘old lady’ some day. You really need a shawl to go with the quilt and you should be in a rocker, but all things in good time. I’m sure it will happen gradually like a tree turning in autumn.

    Let’s hear you say, “you kids stay out of my yard”….or maybe “bingo”.

    Do you have a snow cone machine?


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