One Foot in the Grave BBC

I have my night owl habit on again.  Of late, I’ve been staying up after he goes to bed to watch my “more girlie” movies and TV shows.  It could be because I need the relaxation and a little shot of (we’ll call it) estrogen after watching Royals baseball every night…I need calm or I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep.

You know – right now – it could be the calm that comes from Housewives of Orange County!  Which leads me on a recurring rant tangent.  If I watch it while he is in the room, he comments:  is that what you watch it for – the arguing?  When I watch my soaps he roles his eyes.  I’m not sure how it is different than his watching Nature shows – in my shows, usually one housewife doesn’t actually eat another one although if you are just listening to it rather than watching it that might not be apparent.  He frequently falls asleep watching some of his shows – you know – the soft spoken narrated documentaries or %#$@^& golf.  Seriously.  Being retired together, it seems all of this is getting better.  He’s becoming more accepting of the fact that we DO NOT LIKE THE SAME THINGS ON TV.

That’s not to say he is a tyrant.  We have taken to watching some netflix shows together – binge watching.  BBC series have become a binge habit with us.  Last Tango in Halifax is one of them.  Last night I was googling British TV comedies because I couldn’t remember the name of the show we watched together in the ’90s.  One Foot in the Grave.

It is not streamed anywhere so I went to Amazon to buy the whole series on DVD.  Way too much $$$ – well probably not too much but I couldn’t justify spending the money on it.  I have an aversion to buying movies on CD…because generally I never watch a movie more than once – with the exception of “Same Time Next Year”.  To my delight, I found One Foot in the Grave on You Tube.  I stayed up giggling and laughing out loud watching two episodes.  This morning, we watched two episodes together.  Victor and Margaret had chemistry like no other.  Like my friend, Brian Marshall says when he gets excited about things…It’s the best.

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “One Foot in the Grave BBC

  1. Hahahahaha silence of the Lambs!


  2. Why do we watch shows and movies about rotten, unprincipled, amoral people?

    I personally liked “Silence of the Lambs” It was well written. The plot was good. And some of the characters ate the others.

    “Have the lambs stopped screaming Clarice?” or “I ate his liva with some fava beans and a little Chianti.” My favorite lines.

    I also enjoy vigilante movies and westerns. My favorite western was “The Outlaw Jose Wales” Lots of mayhem. “buzzards gotta eat, same as worms” And the original “True Grit” with John Wayne…”fill your hands you son of a bitch”

    Great stuff.

    There is not much TV I like anymore. I do like the original CSI that they do in Las Vegas. I will pull up those episodes off the network website and watch them. It’s been awhile, but I will do the same with “Big Bang”, though it’s not nearly as funny as it used to be.

    Amazon Video has some good stuff that I will rent. One series I bought was Wilifred. It is hilarious. I laughed my @$$ off. You can also rent it. You should watch the first season. It was an HBO series.


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