One Foot in the Grave BBC

I have my night owl habit on again.  Of late, I’ve been staying up after he goes to bed to watch my “more girlie” movies and TV shows.  It could be because I need the relaxation and a little shot of (we’ll call it) estrogen after watching Royals baseball every night…I need calm or I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep.

You know – right now – it could be the calm that comes from Housewives of Orange County!  Which leads me on a recurring rant tangent.  If I watch it while he is in the room, he comments:  is that what you watch it for – the arguing?  When I watch my soaps he roles his eyes.  I’m not sure how it is different than his watching Nature shows – in my shows, usually one housewife doesn’t actually eat another one although if you are just listening to it rather than watching it that might not be apparent.  He frequently falls asleep watching some of his shows – you know – the soft spoken narrated documentaries or %#$@^& golf.  Seriously.  Being retired together, it seems all of this is getting better.  He’s becoming more accepting of the fact that we DO NOT LIKE THE SAME THINGS ON TV.

That’s not to say he is a tyrant.  We have taken to watching some netflix shows together – binge watching.  BBC series have become a binge habit with us.  Last Tango in Halifax is one of them.  Last night I was googling British TV comedies because I couldn’t remember the name of the show we watched together in the ’90s.  One Foot in the Grave.

It is not streamed anywhere so I went to Amazon to buy the whole series on DVD.  Way too much $$$ – well probably not too much but I couldn’t justify spending the money on it.  I have an aversion to buying movies on CD…because generally I never watch a movie more than once – with the exception of “Same Time Next Year”.  To my delight, I found One Foot in the Grave on You Tube.  I stayed up giggling and laughing out loud watching two episodes.  This morning, we watched two episodes together.  Victor and Margaret had chemistry like no other.  Like my friend, Brian Marshall says when he gets excited about things…It’s the best.

Until next time….

911 may have given me a cold heart?

My mother asked me one time why I had become so cold hearted.. the “X” was tallied in the column of “She doesn’t know me”.  It did make me step back and wonder if this is the way other people see me because inside  I’m a whimpering basket of compassion and love so much that I often lose myself while being enmeshed in someone else’s pain. (edit note) I just deleted a paragraph rant.

Which brings me to the regular, horrible posts on Facebook about old people dying, skinny pets, dogs laying by caskets, mangled children and a myriad of other horrible things that happen to good people.  I can’t stand it.  I don’t read them and frequently I hide them from my news feed because every time someone comments, it shows back up at the top of my news feed.  What is wrong with me or my better question…what is wrong with everyone else who actually reads them and passes them on.  I can’t read this stuff…it goes right along with my inability to watch movies or TV where someone is shot up, bloodied up, uncomfortable or being abused…or wild animals eating other wild animals is so disturbing..well, other than snakes or gator abuse…I could probably stomach that…No offense you Florida Gator fans.  I would seriously rather watch sex than violence on TV and at this age, I can’t really say that sounds like an appealing way  to spend my evening.

Perhaps when I retire and get away from the craziness of what people intentionally do to each other and/or the horrible things that happen to good people, I will be more normal.  But I wonder…

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Whew…we made it through Sunday night

Comparing Sunday night TV to the way it was “when I was young” – you know…one black and white TV and we had to walk across town, uphill and in the snow, in order to change the channel….I wonder why Sunday night became the best TV night in our house.  Actually it is the only reason I don’t send back the Joey that we never use in the treadmill room (I will say nothing more about that) because we need the 3rd recorder on the DVR.  I really have no idea what he watches on Sunday night…it would just irritate me if I knew…The new season of Duck Dynasty started  last night or it should possibly be changed to Female America’s love affair with Jase – Because of conflicts, I had to record it during one of the later showings.  Sister Wives…Army Wives which will be starting up again…Downton Abbey is in the near future…Oprah’s Next Chapter, The Good Wife and 60 Minutes.  It’s very, very stressful.  Its really the only night that I care about any of the shows…I can hit and miss Mentalist..more miss than hit…I do love Castle in more ways than one, Biggest Loser if it ever comes back and then I watch some of the Housewives shows…otherwise who really cares about TV..well, I do like Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful and House Hunters…if Virgin Househunters is on I will watch that…oh my…there is the Tom Brokaw diary or files and Mike and Molly although it kind of tanked last season..throw in a weekly Big Bang Theory…oh crap..I forgot all about Tony and Zeva………..

Until next time….