I have it!

It must have infected me when I was a child and the week or week and a half vacation we took every year.  I often wonder what thought process went into my parents planning the trips.  We went every direction…I will say that my mom was more adventurous than my dad…I say this because after a day of traveling,my dad was usually spent and he had no desire to explore….he wanted to plan the destinations and go from point A to B…no side trips along the way just to see where the road ended up.  I think I would have had more fun if I hadn’t been an only child….I’ll never know!  I remember the often bad vibes on vacation too.  I’ll never forget backing out of the driveway on our way to Florida and before my dad could put the car in drive from reverse, my mom said she wasn’t going anywhere until he put his seatbelt on…he finally agreed but I’ll never forget the fear and overwhelming disappointment I felt sitting there in the street…sad…because I didn’t think either one of them would give in.  I remember my dad dropping his pajama bottoms in the toilet when we were in Arkansas….my modest father…it seems wrong that the event is glued in my mind 49 years later…but it was a major event!  OMG what should we do?  the good memories do outweigh the bad memories and I feel that it was probably those events which taught me to problem solve and that with a map, the world was my oyster in search of my pearl!

He and I are restless today….it’s raining and it’s Labor Day.  I pulled up The map on my computer….where can we go?  When looking at the map…everything looks close and everything is a possibility.  The freedom to explore, seeing things I haven’t seen before, breathing in scented air I haven’t breathed before, the adventure…yes…I love an adventure.  traveling and exploring is the frosting on my cake.

We are staying home today…rain, humidity, holiday crowds.  But who knows about tomorrow!

Until next time…..

5 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. Won’t work. No ball players to stalk. Probably end up in Colorado and not be able to find our way back.

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  2. I think you should go to Dodge City, KS and scope it out. It might be interesting from a historical perspective. And since you are on the road. keep going to Taos, NM and investigate the Taos hum. If you aren’t aware of the Taos hum, you will have to google it. Interesting phenomenon.

    Please report back. Do thorough investigations. Also be watching for UFO’s. New Mexico has the majority. I need pictures and videos please.


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