DIY Lotion Day

I spent my day making lotion.  I got my recipes from Wellness mama.

I thought lotion bars would be the most convenient….Wellness mama and all of her followers said they were wonderful because you can just rub them on and they leave a light coating.  Probably true but not very easy to “just rub them on”.  Not as easy as slathering.  The biggest challenge (indicating they were basically easy to make) was waiting for the bee’s wax to melt.

But, they are very cute!

I left a couple in my neighbor, Robbein’s door and she thought they were candy until I sent her a message telling her what I had done and what they were.  One bite and she may have started locking the doors when she saw me outside.

The next recipe was whipped lotion…a few more steps including getting the electric mixer involved which I haven’t had in my hand since last Christmas.

Okay…honestly the biggest challenge was cleaning the kitchen after this project…but I had fun.

Until next time…..

Four Months

As I was poking around my scar this morning, I realized that today is the 4 month mark post nephrectomy.  Palpating the skin around my scar has become a weird obsession for me.  Since he mentioned this little ritual to my gorgeous urologist a couple of months ago, I mostly do it in private.  The sensation of being totally numb on the medial side of the scar is similar to having your mouth numbed with novocaine…I was told that eventually most of the feeling will come back once the nerves connect again.  No pictures this time but I have continued to use frankincense only on the upper 1/2 of the scar as my own little experiment to see if it really works.. It works so I’m also putting it on the lower half of the scar.  My own little experiments like when I was around 12, I used two different deodorants in my armpits…and so I would know which was which, I marked an S for Secret and the first letter of the other one.  S apparently worked the best because that is what I regularly use…but the point is, it so happened I had a doctor appointment – he asked me what my letters meant and when I told him in my 12 year old shyness – he laughed.  I get it now but at the time I was crushed with embarrassment!

My other experiment has been with essential oils by do terra along with their vitamin regime and turmeric.  I have taken one tylenol in the last 4 months for arthritis pain/headache.  I was very, very skeptical of the vitamin program but I am totally convinced it works for the betterment of my health.  I have no pain!  It is amazing.  I use the essential oils other than frankincense as needed.  Peppermint essential oil should be on every one’s list of must haves.  Temple, forehead and sometimes under the nose for almost instant decongesting of the sinuses.  I found oregano and black pepper also good for muscle and skeletal pain…perhaps not a plus for cuddling.  The other night, we were watching TV by candlelight.  He mentioned that all he could think about was pizza.  uh huh!

Every single day I’m thankful for diverticulitis…otherwise there would still be cancer growing in my kidney and I could be on the paved road downhill to the end.

Until next time….

Frankincense and the scar

Now just over 3 months out from kidney cancer surgery, I wanted to update my scar after using frankincense on it every day


For the last two months I have been using the essential oil on the top half of the scar and nothing on the bottom half.  The difference is remarkable.  Here’s a 3-fer picture.


I’m pretty impressed.  I use it neat..aka without coconut oil..a couple of drops on my finger.

Until next time.


I no longer question it!



I’m almost 3 months post nephrectomy and have an impressive 3 1/2 inch scar that I look at daily.  It’s my lucky scar!!

I had started using Do terra essential oils a few months ago at the insistence of my daughter and my niece.  I started off marveling at how the peppermint opened up my sinus congestion and lavender helped with bug bites.  After doing quite a bit of reading…I decided to blow the budget and buy the expensive stuff.  Frankincense.  Here’s what it has done for me.


The top of the scar is topical use of two drops of frankincense a day.  The bottom of the scar I leave alone so I could see if it really works.

It really works.

Until next time….