I thought I would be called Grandma….

I didn’t even really think about what my grandson was going to call me…I just assumed Grandma…that’s what I called mine and that is what my girls called theirs.  Brenda aka Granny brought it up when Jenny was pregnant.  She said she really wanted to be called Granny because of the previous Grannys in her family.    I still just figured Grandma although I thought about Nana..I think Nana is sweet and it is so close to Nina that I thought that might work.  My nephew Sean was able to say Nina very early on and it always made me smile.  Jax has decided on Nina, apparently.

We spent a good bit of time outside today…he loves standing and stomping and exploring from the wood bridge over the spillway for our little pond.  We also visited the cherry trees:



and I decided to show him how to blow dandelion seeds into the air…he hasn’t perfected blowing straight out so out of frustration he would throw it over the bridge and have Nina pick another one.


and, of course, the strange cat picture of the day…..


Life is good.

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “I thought I would be called Grandma….

  1. Mya used to say “gawchwa” for grampa, and Tavyn still calls him “capa Mike”. It’s fun to hear them for their words and then perfect how they talk as they get older! Unfortunately, with help from the mommy’s, I got nicknamed Granny Grunt! Not so complimentary! But they have all pretty much forgotten that unless they get reminded by someone! Also, Tessa’s other grandma is Roxy, but Tavyn can’t pronounce it very well, so he calls her “Gramma Focky”. Doesn’t sound so nice to hear it! Lol!


  2. When my grandmother had great grandchildren she decided that she would become Nanny because all her grands had so many living grandparents, they would be less confused. All the other grandparents in my life have been grandma and grandpa. We didn’t really think about it either when our granddaughters were born, but grandpa turned into Papa and Grandma turned into Gamma. I guess R’s are hard to pronounce at first. Nina is close to Nana, that would be cute. I love your name, it’s such a pretty one.


  3. When I first came here to comment the video wasn’t playing. I just saw it. OMG! He is SO ADORABLE!


  4. My sister in law picked the name Papa for my father and years later I learned my dad never really liked it. I felt bad, I would have had my kids call him grandpa had I known. I guess I never really thought about how grandparents get their names.

    The picture with the dandelion is so cute. Those are so much fun to play with.

    Looks like the kitties wore themselves out playing with the busy box. 🙂


    • hahahaha…It just didn’t occur to me that I needed to pick a name. Phil wants to be called Papa because that is what his dad was called…I’m just traditional – good ole grandma. Now that I think about it – seems the oldest grandchild really is the one to choose the name and the ones that come along later just fall into it.


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