The simple fact – rainy days depress me

Always have – probably always will.  I have several friends – one of which I’m married to – who say…ahhhh I love rain.  I love a rainy day…Oh, I like to drive in the rain…there is nothing better than sleeping on a rainy day.  I have a people pleaser face and am able to disguise my total contempt!

It’s gloomy, its cold, it’s wet, its just depressing.  Last night’s rain knocked all the blooms off the cherry trees



It looks like snow.  It just totally irritates me.

3 thoughts on “The simple fact – rainy days depress me

  1. We had the biggest thunderstorm this morning. The last few days have been foggy, wet and cold. Depressing. The sun just appeared just now – blue sky – a nice breeze! what a game changer!


  2. I’ve thought about getting a light….especially in winter. I think I focus way too much on a rainy day by trying to talk myself out of it that I put more emphasis on it….make sense? It is what it is, I guess!


  3. Have you ever considered one of those lights that is supposed to help your mood? They might help with rainy days. Sometimes I like rainy days but that can turn on a dime. I might be okay in the morning but by the afternoon, I’m a goner. I don’t have one of those spiffy lights but what I do is just turn on every light in whatever room I am in. It does help me.

    It is rainy and cold and windy here today. I hope the sun is shining where you are.


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