This is really more for me…

than for anyone else.  Its to document my day as most of my blog posts are meant to…I already love looking back and reminscing the days I’ve kept track of in my Ninasusan blog for the past 7 1/2 years.  I told Kim today that I’m kind of in that desperation mode to get things done this week before my surgery.   I have already figured out this is a control thing because I’m feeling lack of control of my body.  These urgent things I need to accomplish are things that weren’t that important last week!

Having Jax here on this earth pounding rainy day has been a great distraction.



Jax was “helping” Papa matte a picture for me


It’s really sad but I don’t remember this intense learning phase with my girls.  I think sometimes parents are just too busy working and trying to “raise” their kids to actually have the privilege of sitting back and watching them learn…which makes me so thankful for grandparent-hood!

He cleaned up with a little sweeper that just happened to be mine 57 years ago


then he and Papa went upstairs to hang their finished product


Weather channel says the rain will be over around 1900 hours so we will have time for a good walk before I marathon watch the rest of the season of Call the Midwife.

Until next time…..

The simple fact – rainy days depress me

Always have – probably always will.  I have several friends – one of which I’m married to – who say…ahhhh I love rain.  I love a rainy day…Oh, I like to drive in the rain…there is nothing better than sleeping on a rainy day.  I have a people pleaser face and am able to disguise my total contempt!

It’s gloomy, its cold, it’s wet, its just depressing.  Last night’s rain knocked all the blooms off the cherry trees



It looks like snow.  It just totally irritates me.