3 thoughts on “Four of the pride

  1. Beautiful!

    Names please!

    I wish I could get my cat to wear a collar. We tried it didn’t end well, plus there is always that concern that an outdoor cat will get caught in a bush or branches and I was never impressed that the breakaway collars would really work.

    They are gorgeous! How many kitties altogether and how many dogs?


    • Re: Beautiful!

      From the left
      Harry Truman aka Truman he’s also known as Tank. He’s the youngest>
      William Jefferson Clinton aka Billy he’s the first and shares the alpha status
      Benjamin Franklin aka Benny…he’s the only real cat we have and he is Phil’s cat. Benny is the curious cat and loves the computer cursor.
      Baxter – he’s the other part alpha cat…he’s my cat and the love of my life…well – right after the girls and him. I have him tattooed on my back


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