But what is it?

I was up, wide awake at 4AM.  It's different this morning.  I am not up because I'm anxious…I'm just wide awake.  I got out of bed and had these thoughts:

  Why am I awake?
  I hope the girls are okay?
  I hope Jaxon is okay?
  He was breathing wasn't he?
  Is there something going on at work?
  Is there some news event?

Being awake as I was at 0400 made me think that there was a sixth sense that woke me up and I need to figure out what it is.

Actually – whenever I have an unusual coincidence – my mind goes to work….like above,

I want to believe in a sixth sense but I'm not sure I do…but I think I do.  I don't believe in ghosts or the supernatural..but there is something.

5 thoughts on “But what is it?

  1. I promise at the time you woke up all was well at work 🙂


  2. May I suggest Thought the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman on Discovery channel. There was an episode on 6th sense and I thought it was fascinating.


  3. I do that and know what you mean! I kind of ignored some strange thoughts and feelings that really did mean something. So then I thought I should’ve paid attention to it when it was happening. Which then made me wonder about every little thing…which is totally overthinking. So yeah it’s weird and confusing.
    But I do believe in a 6th sense, I’m just always sure what I’m feeling is that 6th sense or not. lol
    Anyway hope your day is going well now and you were just awake for no good reason. 🙂


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