Just a couple of connected short stories……

When I was a child, our family.. dad, mom and Nina Sue would visit Grandma in tiny town, Nichols, Iowa a few times a year. These were special times for me because it was my dad’s hometown and he would always take me with him to socialize with old friends at Chown’s Appliance, the DX Station and Rice’s Cafe. We always stopped in The Cafe to get me a fountain drink and talk to Neva Rice and the woman he called Grandma Rice. Just thinking about Rice’s Cafe, I can still see the ceiling fans and hear the wooden screen door slam shut every time someone came in or out.

A couple years ago I connected with an old classmate of mine. We went through school together and we had all of the same teachers and home rooms except for kindergarten…and….I would not define us really as friends in school…more childhood acquainted. After awhile, I also connected with his wife on FB….mainly reference some comments we shared on FB about some health issues Chuck was enduring. Over the last couple of years, we developed our own friendship and a mutual bond developed. Sue and I finally met in person tonight in a hospital room in Duluth,MN. He and I planned a mini vacation to visit his brother in New Ulm, revisit the North Shore and stop in and see Sue and Chuck who live north of Duluth. As timing would have it, we had to visit them in a hospital room as he had not been released after a recent surgery.

And now the connection! I asked Chuck if he had any relatives in small town, Nichols, Iowa. I’d always been curious because of his last name…he said no…but Sue piped up and said she did. She had relatives…two women…a mother and daughter….Neva Rice and her mother owned a cafe in Nichols when she was young…..Rice’s Cafe.

Things like this cannot be coincidences. This was synchronicity at its best. I am blessed!

Until next time….

But what is it?

I was up, wide awake at 4AM.  It's different this morning.  I am not up because I'm anxious…I'm just wide awake.  I got out of bed and had these thoughts:

  Why am I awake?
  I hope the girls are okay?
  I hope Jaxon is okay?
  He was breathing wasn't he?
  Is there something going on at work?
  Is there some news event?

Being awake as I was at 0400 made me think that there was a sixth sense that woke me up and I need to figure out what it is.

Actually – whenever I have an unusual coincidence – my mind goes to work….like above,

I want to believe in a sixth sense but I'm not sure I do…but I think I do.  I don't believe in ghosts or the supernatural..but there is something.