loves_harmony made her way over here from Xanga and has posted her first blog.  She is very good at getting her thoughts to paper…or in this case..thoughts thru her fingers to a forever place in cyber space.

In kind of a thoughts funk the last few days.  Lots of stuff floating around in there but nothing that seems to make its way thru my fingers.  Katy and I spent the day together yesterday.  It is soooo nice having her closer and able to spend quality time together.  She said she was looking forward to this kind of a relationship where she could come down – spend some time and go back home.  Visit because she wanted to visit not because she was driving 10 hours and felt she needed to get in quality time with everyone she knows and then be stressed out during the visits because she couldn't connect.  She is such a wise child…she has had a lot of experiences in her young life and I love that she has taken the good and the bad out of each of those experiences to make her who she is today.

We went thru a tote of girl play dishes – tossed and washed, tossed and washed.  I put a lot of them on ebay yesterday.  It was fun to go thru these old toys…some of them are dishes that I had when I was a child…remember…my parents kept everything.  I laughed when she picked up a play soap container and found crayons in it…she said..Oh I did that…I used to like to stuff things in these things..sometimes I would hide them so I wouldn't get in trouble 🙂  I remember she played hard with her toys.

I keep sneaking over to Xanga.  I miss Xanga.  I could adjust to LiveJournal if there was just an easier way to read other blogs and get to know folks over here.  That was loves_harmony's question this morning…how do I find blogs to read.

Until next time….

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  1. I’m glad you were able to spend some time with Katy. I bet that feels so good to have her close again.

    I don’t have much of anything from my childhood. I wish my parents had saved something. It must be weird to see all of your childhood toys again. Craig’s parents saved a lot. It was to have those toys when my kids were little. They loved playing with them.

    Yes, I feel that way about Xanga, too. That is why I posted over there today. I needed something familiar and soothing. LJ will get easier and more familiar. It will.


  2. Yay for Katy being home! Did you know there is an app for this site?


  3. I’m glad you have your Kate too. 🙂
    I think we’ll adjust to LiveJournal. Just remember how it was with Xanga at first. Took a long time to build relationships. The liveJournal app for Android was updated recently and I like the friend feed on it.
    What is the url for your Xanga friend that’s on LJ now? I will add her too. I figure that’s my strategy for a while. Add everyone I see that’s connected to other people until things start spreading out a bit more.


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