In my pursuit of happiness….

I have quite a few friends in my life.  My friends have a perpetual place in my life…some of them I haven't seen in 40 years but they are always in my heart and thanks to Facebook; I keep up with their joys and sorrows.  I have to say that like any relationship, I have been disappointed and I have disappointed…there have only been two friends in my life who have enraged me to such a degree that I've said…done…no more..the bridge has burned and cannot be rebuilt.  I've been forgiven and I forgive but we each have a healthy line between what we will accept and forgive and when the crap is just too large to continue driving around.  If you have found my new blog page, please understand…I wish you well in your search for mental health…I've blocked you from Facebook, I trust you got my text..I'm not going to talk to you so please don't dial my number again.

Until next time…..

10 thoughts on “In my pursuit of happiness….

  1. I Understand

    It’s like taking a big ol dump. You just feel better. I was in an unhealthy relationship with someone. It was off again, on again, off. We both knew at different times that we were not good for each other. I was the last one to figure it out. I took my dump and have not looked back yet. I do not miss the conflict or the drama and if she’s honest with herself, it’s probably been good for her too. I never want to go back to that. Maybe it’s just old age, but I’m sick of conflict in life and if I can end it by taking myself out of the equation, I will. Life is too short for that crap.


  2. What Tracy said….
    But I want to add that now that you have blocked this person from your life you need to block her from your thoughts….she is no longer welcome. LOVE YOU!


  3. Nina, you are one of the most amazing and real people I have ever met. No one has the right to make you feel bad about yourself, your life, or your choices. When they do its time to make the choice to be happy and eliminate the drama. We are all past the age of having to put up with anything other than loving kindness.


  4. Nina- Have you thought about who reads your blogs? Could it be that the person that you are talking about could have people out there that love and cherish “this friend” that you are demeaning on your blogs (not to mention several nasty comments sent by PM.) You, I,and several other people know exactly who you are talking about. Does it ever occur to you that your posts are hurtful to not only to your friend but those who love her as well? I wonder sometimes how you could be so hypocritical. On one hand you criticize her for saying bad things about you to someone you trust, and then you turn around and degrade her publicly. On a forum that anyone with Internet access can read. What you are doing is worse. It’s human nature to vent negative feelings to ones friends in private. EVERYONE does it! Including you….but now you’ve taken it to a different level. I am outraged that you think you have the right to do do this to her. In my eyes she is better off without YOU! I’m so sad it has come to this. I think of Brett…how would he feel?


    • You have her victim story and you should defend her. That is your job. I’m not airing her dirty laundry…that would be cruel. I will not defend my right to blog my feelings on my blog. As she has tried to do, don’t bring Brett into this. Brett would have totally understood!


      • Brett belongs here, Nina. I am doing what he can’t, and I want you to think about that. I want him to be the first thing on your mind when your fingers start typing. Please just stop.


  5. That’s sad but I understand it. Have a great Saturday.


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