I have quite a few friends in my life.  My friends have a perpetual place in my life…some of them I haven’t seen in 40 years but they are always in my heart and thanks to Facebook; I keep up with their joys and sorrows.  I have to say that like any relationship, I have been disappointed and I have disappointed…there have only been two friends in my life who have enraged me to such a degree that I’ve said…done…no more..the bridge has burned and cannot be rebuilt.  I’ve been forgiven and I forgive but we each have a healthy line between what we will accept and forgive and when the crap is just too large to continue driving around.  If you have found my new blog page, please understand…I wish you well in your search for mental health…I’ve blocked you from Facebook, I trust you got my text..I’m not going to talk to you so please don’t dial my number again.

Until next time…..

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