Once again those volunteers come to the rescue…

While many folks are struggling with water and sewer backups in their homes due to flooding…others are just trying to keep themselves and their families safe in the rising water and all of the complications.  THEN there are the volunteer EMS and fire departments who are pushing their own needs and safety aside and spending their time helping everyone else.  Yesterday while Kellogg and surrounding areas on Rock Creek and the Skunk River, were drowning in water, these men and women were out putting their lives on the line to protect resources and ensure safety. 

Then, today, Colfax did it.  Some strong winds took down some power lines, tree limbs, trees were catching on fire and when it rains it pours, there were several folks needing medics to help them with oxygen or trips to the hospital…all of this…while one of their own passes from this life under hospice care.  I’m sure each and everyone one of them wanted to just sit awhile and mourn the loss of Lola…but they just kept at it…doing what needed to be done. 

I’m so honored to work with these folks!

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Once again those volunteers come to the rescue…

  1. I agree with the above post! Well said. 


  2. The real true heroes in our midst.  ❤   


  3. It’s so nice when people recognize the goodness around them. Its so easy to trash everything but really inspiration is all around us.Thanks Chickie


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