Retired husband…..

Facebook message from him this morning.


Philip Brown

Nina.  Did you know that I can see, with the aid of the binoculars, the rain gage while lying in our bed?  We have three inches as of about 11:00.

This should give everyone a really good idea how fun it is to have a retired husband.   I did laugh out loud and thanked him for my morning blog material.

I’m guessing he is still in bed this morning or actually back to bed because he fell off of a ladder yesterday…it was a significant fall and he landed on his back on some railroad ties.  His brother was there…I was mowing a long way from where they were working on the house.  totally oblivious.  After this fall, he went back up on the ladder to finish the job, they went to visit their mother in the nursing home, went to the grocery store and carried groceries in.  It wasn’t until he was fixing supper that my brother in law said…uh…did your husband tell you that he fell off of a ladder this morning.  There was a very slight neg shake of the head and he didn’t face me. HE WASN’T GOING TO TELL ME!  He’s fine other than some red marks and bruising.  He’s a super hero.

This is why it is imperative that I retire so I can keep an eye on him!

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Retired husband…..

  1. That Is crazy!!! I am happy to hear he is okay. Men tend to think they can do anything and if they ignore it it will go away! 


  2. Wow! Poor Phil! That must have hurt. Thank God he is a super hero! He might not know the full extent of his injuries yet. Yes, I agree you must retire to take care of Phil! Geez, I hope he is okay!


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