Jenny gave him her bluetooth headset when we were in KC the last time.  Quite frankly, I was really surprised that he had talked to her about it because he usually waits until I whine and say I want something before he gets in the buying mood.  Once I saw how easy it was to use and how numb my hand gets when I have to talk on the phone more than 5 minutes, I decided I wanted one too.  I had to laugh when we went to radio shack last night and the little guy who is payed to know the product, dropped us off at the bluetooth headsets and said… >  Basically, you need a more expensive one for the sound and for the distance.. HE said…you mean the distance from the phone and junior salesman said YA and rushed away to help the one other customer in the store.  So we punted.  When I bought Jenny’s…. now his…I had researched them…so I had an idea of what I probably wanted.  I didn’t take his advice and buy the most expensive … but I did buy the same brand as hers/his which is the same brand headsets we use at work.  I tried it out on both girls  when we got home.  I really like it.  Jenny said I should keep it because I sound nicer and Katy said she thought I sounded sweeter.

Watched the pilot for the Americans on FX last night.  I think we are going to like it.  Our Windstream internet signal sucks, so about 3/4 of the way thru, it would rebuff about every 3rd word.  A really good fight scene between the KGB female agent and a KGB agent who raped her while she was in the “academy” would have been totally cathartic but we had to watch it in virtual slow choppy motion.

It’s raining.  In my business, rain usually means a quiet day…except of course the Sunday after super bowl when there is a lot of beer drinking and irritability because there is no pro things leads to another.

Until next time….

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