He and Dave got their mother situated at Careage of Newton yesterday.  Apparently it went fine.  Her most telling comment was something about her getting moved around a lot.  She may take to the nursing home quite well … as it is a permanent, soft place to fall and she loves to talk so she will have a lot of people to talk to and a lot of people to listen??

Brad and Brian told me about a new show on FX – The Americans – We’ll watch the pilot and 1st episode on line and be good to go on Wednesday nights.  I NEED SOMETHING TO WATCH ON WEDNESDAY NIGHTS…I have no interest in the pbs shows he watches that night and have actually thought of changing the name of Wednesday to something that would describe killing, eating and maming of animals in the wilderness…oh ya “Naturday”.  Of all the struggles in our married life, money and chores has not been a problem compared to television programming.  The other night he was watching some horrible show where a bunch of men were beating another man….I watched him physically draw back and grimace…I just don’t get it. Oh well.  I have a nice big TV and a DVR in the bedroom and I’m quite happy!

Sorry to all of you suffering on the east coast.  Been there … done it…It sucks.

Until next time…

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  1. 4 people in the house – 4 TVs. Although, you can’t watch TV in the living room and the kitchen at the same time unless you are watching the same show. We’ve never felt the need to watch the same shows, when we do it is nice but otherwise we are both okay with doing our own thing. Because he has back issues, he often wants to watch while lying in bed while I can’t hear a thing so I watch in the kitchen where I can turn the volume on high. I hope it all works out well for your mother-in-law. It is such a difficult time and hard on everyone involved. I wish there was a better way.


  2. My husband watches all those man reality things, Pawn Stars, Duck dynasty, Moonshiners…I start out ignoring them, then I get drawn into the story and he goes to change the channel and I’m like NOOO I have to see what happens! LOL Except for that MMA stuff, for that I go to my nice big tv in the other room too!   We’ve been married 32 years and money has always been our biggest issue. And honestly we don’t even fight about it anymore, we just stop liking each other about it now and then. whadayagonnado.


  3. I hope she learns to like her new digs. Much less stress for everyone


  4. Thank goodness we can DVR shows! He likes all the gross creepy shows. But then we can watch the shows we like together. It’s hard anyway since he goes to bed so early, 8:30 or earlier.


  5. Hubby and I disagree on Tv shows a lot, too. I admit, he usuall gives in to me or watches what I want to and then decides he likes it. I, however, refuse to watch American Idol and those kind of things. He got a DVR and TV to put in another room so he can watch the things I hate.


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