Ancient Rome

We took the train to Salerno today from Rome…the city is on the south end of the Amalfi coast in southern Italy. First time to see the Mediterranean Sea. We don’t have a beach per se as far as we walked today. Just incredibly huge rip rap. No waves which is the only disappointment for me…it is a neat city. We have some music wafting up here through our mini veranda doors from the outside bar downstairs. It may be along and loud night.

The Coloseum yesterday. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that 2000 years ago, Jewish slaves hauled marble to build it and it has withstood the wars,weather and emperors. Christa remarked that putting her hand on one of the stones was like connecting with someone back in the double digit years A D. Next door to the Coloseum are more remnants of our ancient past…some currently being excavated. The history connected to the area is morbidly exciting and excruciatingly cruel and the ghosts nearly vibrate thru the psyche. Chris did mention that she got the tickets at the “Christian rate” although there is a discrepancy as to whether Christians were actually thrown to the lions at the colesium or close to the nearby chariot races. We paid for a hop on hop off tour bus yesterday…it’s the way to go…it certainly makes you aware of what there is to see and what is important this trip or save for another trip. when we head back next week, he and I Are going to try to see thee Vatican and St. Peter’s square….along with michealangelos handiwork.

We walked from the hotel last night to see Trevi Fountain and so did thousands of our best friends.

thestreets in Rome are cobblestone, the width of an alley and mostly one way….in those streets, are the outside restaurant dining tables which are mostly filled. It’s nothing to be eating dinner and be close enough to hand a fork full to someone going by in their vehicle….there is no fear…it is controlled chaos at its best. So…

So until next time…

5 thoughts on “Ancient Rome

  1. Ghog….I’ve had gelato in a cup last three days. Teramsui, chocolait and banana. It is better than u can imagine


  2. @Ninasusan – Have some Gelato on a waffle cone too..please describe it. I have a feeling the Gelato around here is just glorified ice cream


  3. Grog…yes. Everyone else’s. I can not not order pasta


  4. Oh, oh, oh…amazing! Soak it all up!


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