Hotel Suisse #italy

It is just like the movies….this is actually the first time in my life that I’ve been totally surrounded by…..there is no word. We were wheels down at the Rome airport around 7am on Wednesday…midnight Iowa time…immigration took about 40 minutes and the rest has been nothing but pleasure…Dave, Chris and Lys arrived about an hour later and the fairy tail began. We payed A private driver 100 euros to rocket ship us to Hotel Suisse by the Spanish steps. Incredible….nothing 5 star. Much, much better. Quaint, clean and the feel of Italy. The shuttered windows…… No words….

We fell into bed from total exhaustion and slept 4 hours…dave woke us up at 1600. The Spanish steps…there will be pics when we get home …named for the Spanish embassy to the vatican which has been in Rome for 300 years. Who new steps could be so interesting? You not only walk up and down them but you sit on them, you socialize on them. You gather above them and below them…they are a roman destination. Below and for several blocks is Rome’s Rodeo drive….what’s a Jimmy Choo they asked! All around there are handsome Italian boys giving out roses…”my gift to you”. Then they hit up the man as the woman walks away. They got Lys twice…We finally had the talk.. I explained that you have to walk by, ignore and shake your head no….Dave said Don’t make eye contact. It was costing him a fortune… We ate dinner in the plaza below the Pantheon…totally a dream. Google it. Drank wine, ate pasta and dessert all with a view of the ancient temple AD120. A stroll back to the hotel on cobblestone streets…romantic not in the amour kind of way just romantic. Shutters open now,cool breeze, street traffic breakfast in our room the italianway…I’m totally in awe!

Until next time

4 thoughts on “Hotel Suisse #italy

  1. I’m so glad you are having such a great time! Enjoy!


  2. so awesome!  keep having a great time!  enjoy!


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