The speedo, Juke, the Fiat and where did I get the idea it was going to be cool?

First I must tell you about the little Italian guy who is probably retired or bored or a pervert, but he rides around Salerno on his bicycle wearing an old speedo. First. It is him wearing the speedo not the bike and it is old because the elastic is barely there so when he rides his bike ahead of you, you are looking at his leathery tan back right down below the crack. Good god it is amazing…like a train wreck.

He and I took along walk this morning up to the large sailboat marina….the water seemed more aqua …. Lots of boats are dry docked but there are a few still in the water which leads me to believe their fall is here. Up along the sea wall there were folks laying in the sun on the concrete. Just looks odd but then I guess there is no beach and no particular areas of grass? Of course we saw the old man on his bike there…then the extreme opposite. I’m walking around in my Nike dri fit t shirt and sweating…many, many people Re wearing sweatshirts and leather jackets. So many extremes….gelato.

We met up with the other 3 and walked to another marina which is …gelato…actually a commercial dock where we will take a ferry to Amalfi and perhaps Capri….which is actually pronounced. KAAA pry. Who knew,,,,,,gelato.

While at the doc we saw a Brasilia ship come in and dock. We were told it was loaded with about a thousand Fiats. Apparently the Italians stopped making Fiats because Brazil can make them cheaper….He and I hoofed it down the street to see if we could see them being driven out of the ship…we got bored watching the heavy equipment which preceded the car….gelato….so we gave up….during our walking, we saw the cutest little Nissan parked on the street. It was a larger car than we were used to seeing….it was a Juke. Perspective is everything.

I love gelato

Until next time…they are not going to get me to eat octopus. I’m just sayin!

5 thoughts on “The speedo, Juke, the Fiat and where did I get the idea it was going to be cool?

  1. Ewwww, Speedo guy, ick. Reminds me of the jogging skin-flapping guy…I’ve never had gelato, either.Would octopus be like calamari? I’ve had that and liked it.


  2. oooooh speeeedooo’s and old men…….I’ve never ever had gelato.  It’s around here a lot of places.  Just never did it.I loooove the Juke If it’s marinated – it’s not bad.  The octopus…..that is.


  3. How about octopus flavored gelato


  4. YIKES!!!!!  mmmmmm gelato….


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