I wish I were able to download the pics of he and I on the scooter today on the isle of Capri.

It went reasonably well…just one silent scream going around one corner but my jowels got a good work out from the wind in my face. Capri was exquisite….Dave, Chris and Lys spent the afternoon with Alessandro in an open air taxi touring the island…he and I did the mature thing for late 50 and 60 year old adults and sped around curvy mountain roads on a rented scooter…we didn’t have trouble going fast. It was the sudden stops that entertained us. We had a hard time believing we were actually on Capri…the jet ferry trip around the Almafi coast was breathtaking. One of the boat stewards is now at the bottom of the Meditterrean as we speak because he remarked aw bebe when I boarded. Not because I am a babe but because I’m carrying a bebe….

…and the best part of my day involved the viewing of the bare penis on a man who wasn’t my husband or brother in law…he had just crawled out of the ocean put on his supposed long shirt leaned over to remove his speedo…stood up to dry himself off while Winnie decided to make an appearance. You know damned good and well that it is not possible not to stare in disbelief.

We are now eating fresh fish in the restaurant at our hotel…I’ve just learned that I’m really not a fresh seafood person…give me frozen perch from the freezer at hy bee and I’m delighted. We have sampled nearly every fresh fish fresh from the Mediterranean known to man.

Tomorrow Pompeii.

3 thoughts on “I wish I were able to download the pics of he and I on the scooter today on the isle of Capri.

  1. Did you point and laugh, too??? Hahaha!It sounds like an amazingly wonderful trip. I am so glad that you are having a wonderful time.


  2. completely hilarious!  I had to read this one out loud to my mother.  We got a good laugh from this one!  Hope you continue to have a blast!


  3. Yay!  It sounds like such and adventure. I can’t wait to see more and more pictures. Though, no random penises please. 🙂


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