I didn’t take pictures

I am so bummed….I take pictures of everything…but I had a sort of party/bonfire tonight and didn’t take any pictures.  Mike and Kim and Sarah were here…and then on the other side of my life, Deb Cooper was here – we went to church together in the 70’s.  Karen and Ed were here.  Karen and my brother -in-law used to be an item and that is how I met her…Deb Cooper (who I hadn’t seen in years) and Karen are nurses and were teaching when low and behold Sarah became a student of theirs…Sarah knew that Karen knew her mother Kim thru me but she happened to ask Deb Cooper if she knew Kim…uh, no…then she asked her if she knew Nina Brown and Deb initially said no – then she asked Sarah if she meant Nina Green (my maiden name-there is a story there too) and it all came together – one of those 6 degrees of Nina Brown.  So…they were all here along with Jenny for supper and then “he” started off the bonfire…which was just a little trickle of smoke to start with due to the rain in the last couple of days – but bring on the blow torch and we had a wonderful rip/roarin’ fire….it was great to get together with everyone.  Kim and I had visited Karen a couple of years ago when she was stationed at Walter Reed Army Hospital in DC…Kim and Karen hadn’t seen each other since then and Deb Cooper and Kim had never met….but no pictures…..

Just planning to “hang out” tomorrow – I go back to work Thursday night and only have to work Thursday and Friday nights – we leave for Bennett Spring on Sunday.  This will undoubtedly not be the only time I mention it…

Until next time…..

4 thoughts on “I didn’t take pictures

  1. Sounds awesome!  And no tripping!   I kid, I kid!


  2. I am glad to hear that you did not fall!


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