Flu Shot

I got my free flu shot today from the county health nurse…I usually have it given in my hip…today she told me that I had tough leather skin on my hip…well, thanks very much…I also have really large strong hands to go around your wrinkly throat….ahem..anyway…Do you get a flu shot?  or am I just playing into the hype?


5 thoughts on “Flu Shot

  1. I haven’t had one, but I have thought about it.  I just wish it would seem like they got the correct strain right more often, though.


  2. I have NEVER gotten a flu shot and I have always poo poo’d the idea until last year – I GO THE FLU! The REAL honest to GOD FLU and every last second of it SUCKS!  Go for the shot.  I’m going to this year.  We get them free @ work, so this will be the first year I’m going to give it a go. 


  3. HA!!! That is too funny! It would be even more funny if I had ever met the county health nurse……I have never had a flu shot…….I have not had the flu since I was a young child……I should not have just typed that….I will problobly get it now…..STUPID FLU!


  4. The NERVE! I love the choking comment.I get one every year since I work in the health field. Only this week I was sick for five days -and I mean in the flippin’ BED – but it wasn’t the flu.  It was something else. So I guess it’s a good thing I got the flu shot so when it comes around, I won’t be in the bed another five days.


  5. That is too funny!  — I don’t ever get the flu shots. And even forgot until I read your post that flue season is around the corner. So, I guess that means i haven’t heard about the hype?!


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