I’m leaving the IPAD on the nightstand today…

..or at least for an hour…we’ll try an hour…I’m realizing I may have an addiction which is causing me to be unproductive.  It’s not really the social media aspect – which I’m actually finding to be monotonous (looks like too many O’s).  But it is my curiosity and my IBOOK and Kindle habit which has me weighted down..not just my curiosity but my inability to speak in complete sentences because I can’t remember words.  What’s that word?  Google it!

I used to read books all of the time..it was the only way to put myself to sleep at night.  I found that when my anxiety level increased, the banging in my head got to be so loud that I couldn’t concentrate on a book.  I tried and tried and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.  I love to read.  I blamed it on my tried and true favorite authors were writing junk…I discussed it with family members and was given ideas for great authors.  Those authors couldn’t write either.  With great joy, I’m here to tell you it was me and not them.  But now that I”m back..it has created another problem.  I can’t quit reading.  I put reading in front of every other chore and/or responsibility.  I’m totally content.  But apparently it has become a problem because I don’t do anything else.  He already cooks but if he would bring me my meals in bed and keep my coffee filled, I would be content to remain in bed all day surrounded by my cats!

So…today is Monday – normally I start a diet…but this Monday, I’m going to leave my IPAD in the bedroom and see what I’ve been missing.  At least for an hour.  I can do it for an hour!

Until next time….

One thought on “I’m leaving the IPAD on the nightstand today…

  1. You’ve just reached a point in your life where leisure is you hobby. You need a house boy. “Hersh, fetch my slippers and peel me a grape. I have reading to do.”

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