You know how disheartening it is when….

one of your kids disobeys….not the little things like feeding broccoli to the dog…I’m talking about…well, I won’t embarass the girls….but when your dog totally does something so unexpected that it leaves you speechless…now that is shocking.


Marly’s total reason for living is to love his family…”He” always says that we didn’t adopt blind-in-one-eye Marley because he was smart, but, because he is so darn loving and adorable.  My only problems with Marley are the fact that sometimes his ears get gunky and he continuously pulls when going for a walk.  Rewind to yesterday afternoon.

The siders were at the house when I got home, so I decided to take Marly and Devil-dog, Frannie for a walk instead of letting them out into the yard.  Everything was going fine until we got close to our house.  Marley was tugging and when I pulled back on the leash, his collar unhooked and he felt the freedom.  He took off running down the road – think of Sesame Street Snuffleupagus…it smiled because he looked so happy and free…I knew that when he got to our driveway he would turn in and wait for me….sure enough, when he got to our driveway he stopped, looked to the west over the open field and took off, wind blowing his ears, he was loving it..I was in a state of shock…I got Frannie in the house and circled the 1 mile square area of farmland in my car…no Marley, I yelled, I walked a ways into the field…No Marley…I called “him” to see if “he” could leave work early and was on the way out to the car again when he came proudly walking across the field with the head of a possum in his mouth and he smelled worse than a week old cat litter box.  He wouldn’t drop the possum head but wanted me to share in his joy…he smelled so bad.  “He” pulled into the driveway about that time and was able to get Marley to drop the head…Marley ended up in the backyard for the evening.  Around 2300 hrs, “He” gave Marley a bath and he smelled and looked loveable when he greeted me this morning.  He’s still adorable…

3 thoughts on “You know how disheartening it is when….

  1. I’ve never had a dog that was bright enough to make it back home after a good run. I can’t even count how many times I’ve had to do the cruisin around the neighborhood thing.


  2. Glad Marley came home. Dogs are so silly. When I was growing up, we had an Irish Setter who would jump out of the car window when we went for car rides. We learned to keep the window open only an inch or two.How wonderful that “He” is willing to give the dog a bath and you didn’t have to do it!


  3. hahahaha!  My Katy Golden Dog used to LOVE a good roll in a dead animal.  She came home with squirrel parts more than once.  EEEEWWWW!!!!   Horse poop was a double treat!  Eat some, roll in the rest!  Gack!    Glad he’s clean and lovable again   He probably is too!


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