Let’s be cruel to our sister

Just suppose for a second that you are 91 years old and that you have a sibling that is 93…this sibling is your only sibling..this sibling you used to defend when you had a famly at home over and above the husband or only child.  This 93 year old sister left her home, friends and life to come stay with you for a year so you could get out of the nursing home…realized that she had had enough mistreatment and went back home.  Everytime your daughter goes away, lets say you go and stay with this older sibling so she can take care of you…everyone including your doc has told you that you should not be staying alone that you need to find somewhere to live so there will be someone to take care of you…so you and your sister decide that there is a 2 bedroom apt open in her complex and she is willing to move there with you although she is afraid of how she will make ends meet if something happens to you before her because she won’t be able to afford it.  Paperwork has been completed…it is a go…then the elder sisters tells you she will continue to pay to pay what she pays now and you only need to chip in $100 dollar a month because you still have your house that you have to pay everything to keep…but you disagree and so you tell her because you are so vane that you want to pay half of the rent but sis insists that you have enough financial burdens and that you don’t need to pay half…just $100 and she will continue to pay what she does pay…and you continue to argue until you get to the point that you say….I’m not going to do it…I’m going to go home…and I”m not coming here ever again..in fact, if you want to see me, you will have to come to my house (40 miles away)…so if you don’t come to my house, I probably won’t see you again.

Yup……she’s home……

Until next time..

6 thoughts on “Let’s be cruel to our sister

  1. It is always something, isn’t it?


  2. Wow hard situation to be involved in.


  3. Whoa.  Wisdom and age don’t always go hand in hand, do they?  Kathi


  4. Ouch.  Hmm, you know there is the same age differnce between my sister and I. 45 years to go. 😉


  5. So…nobody thought of using the difference between $100.00 and half the rent to put in an account to cover rent for other sister if she SHOULD have to go it alone……sounds like my family…


  6. Oh my. Exhausting! I’m sorry. 


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