I was spanked as a child…I remember the evil queen, who was also my mother, bragged about the fact that after my dad spanked me when I was little, she told him he couldn’t do it again because he spanked me too hard…and I don’t ever remember him lifting a hand to me.  I will have to say he was only home in the evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday because he worked 3-11 shift during my growing I really only saw him on Tues and Wednesday nights and Saturday and Sunday mornings…I had previously prepared that excuse for the reason he didn’t protect me from Atilla.

Anyway..back to spanking.  She used to chase me down the hall swinging the yard stick when I wouldn’t practice piano or I broke something or she was just more disagreeable than normal and she couldn’t squeeze out a tear to show me how much I had hurt her…This is how I grew up…so being ignorant to real life, I thought this was the way you disciplined children…so Jenny got the hand on her bottom quite a few times until I realized I was perpetuating the myth so to speak.  (I have since apologized to her several times for hitting her and I believe she has forgiven me).  Katy got it only a few times when she desperately needed it or more likely, I needed it to relieve agression.  Spare the hand – spoil the child.

The Talk – kind of a lame discussion show modeled after the excellent “The View” – stopped me in my tracks today when they were showing video of a judge and his wife somewhere…maybe Louisiana.  The judge and his wife were beating a daughter, who by the way had a medical diagnosis, because she did something wrong.  He wasn’t spanking her – he was whipping her with something…it was horrible…I would like to personally hang him to a tree and beat him within an inch of his life…. what does that really say about me.   The show continued with a conversation about spanking with everyone throwing in the details of their child discipline…Sarah Gilbert kept driving home that this is beating your children..hitting your children…that if you hit an adult it is assault and you go to jail…woh….Holy Crap WOH…I hadn’t thought about it like that…I’ve totally reversed myself on the issue of spanking a child…there is another way to discipline a child..probably not as easy as hitting them out of frustration but much more loving and effective.

That’s my thoughts…
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4 thoughts on “Spanking…

  1. I know nothing about raising children. I don’t have any. However, I often wished that all those parents dragging their kids kicking and screaming through the cereal aisle at the grocery store had training collars on the brats like people use to train their hunting dogs.Bad behavior would soon end if the result was an electrical shock. You could keep’em in the yard too with an invisible fence.I expect the government will soon be issuing these to adults, so why not start them young. What works in the cereal aisle would also probably work to prevent terrorism and ensure timely payment of taxes.Politicians should have had them a long time ago….and preachers


  2. @strawberryfieldsgirl – I don’t like that woman on the end either.  She’s kind of funny but that isn’t the right show for her.  I swear that I saw the show the day Julie Chen decided to fire Leah Remini.  Leah was kind of going off and Julie gave her a look that could kill and I said that day Leah won’t be back next season and she wasn’t.


  3. wow, can’t imagine growing up like that. how scary and confusing that must’ve been. i’m sorry you had to go thru that. That anyone has to go thru that kind of thing!I can’t stand that show now that Leah and Holly aren’t on it anymore. I only like Sarah, but she gets out talked all over the place. That one woman on the end with the big mouth….SHE is mostly why I can’t stand the show now. She is just obnoxious! But because that video was on when I turned on the tv this afternoon, i did see that part and i agree, that man needs to be hung! I wouldn’t have watched it as long as i did except that Sarah was making her point. SHE is awesome. Go Sarah! I haven’t liked Julie Chen since she started doing Big Brother….Just my opinion, but another obnoxious show.So onto my moment of clarity….My daughter hit her friend on time right in front of me, she was like 3. I kinda wacked her hand and told her not to hit ppl. HELLOOOO! duh. I felt like an idiot and she just looked at me like WTH?  Never again.


  4. I saw that video and that dirty, rotten jerk was beating his daughter with a belt.  What I could tell from how the whole thing played out, was this was common in that home.  She knew it was coming that is why she set up the camera.  The daughter confirmed that in an interview today.  Oh, it happened in Texas.  I hope they throw the book at that guy.I’m sorry you had to endure that as a child.  I can’t imagine what it is like to have that thought in the back of your head all the time as a kid.The only one I like on the Talk is Sarah Gilbert and they don’t let her speak enough.  Sometimes Aisha Taylor subs for someone and she is great but I think she might be too good and outshine Julie Chen and will get kicked off then.  Julie Chen’s hubby is president and CEO of CBS so what Julie wants, Julie gets.Always nice to see you here and read your take on life. 


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