So…I had one of my totally impulsive moments Thursday night at 7:25 pm.  I had been wanting to get an Ipod for a very long time….so did “he”.  I said….and “he” said…and we drove into town to Radio Shack and bought us each a little IPOD.  I am married to one of the most intelligent men that I know in nearly every subject other than making electronics work.  I lovingly recall his equally intelligent father whose life flashed 12:00 for many years on the VCR…we downloaded Itunes on our respective computers and got it all set up…(I was impressed).  I got all of my songs transferred to my IPOD because I only put songs on the computer that I love and want to listen to…unlike “HIM” who puts albums on.  He finally came around to my way of thinking and just wanted to put certain songs on his IPOD rather than his cluttered mass of songs that he doesn’t even know.  Being new to IPOD, we had not figured out how to just do a few…but I was determined so I stayed up until 0200 trying to figure it out for him and finally got to join him in slumber because I said expletive..they are just all going to go on and he can delete what he doesn’t want.

The next morning, he came into the bedroom with IPOD and ear plugs, or all they called buds now, because there was something wrong with his IPOD..his plugs/buds wouldn’t stay connected..I firmly suggested that we take the expletive IPOD back to radio shack … so we did.

As I explained to the salesman what the problem seemed to be because apparently I think “he” is mute.  The salesman asked to see the plugs/buds and was able to firmly plug them in…In total shock, I said out loud…DID YOU NOT HAVE THEM PLUGGED IN COMPLETELY…at which time I exited the store, returned to the car to  attempt to get my IPOD set up for the 3 hour journey to Kansas City.

When he got back in the car, we had a little tee heeing about the old people shouldn’t have this new fangled stuff…well, he shouldn’t have it…at that point he turned to me and said, your ear plugs/buds don’t go in your ears that way, honey, and started adjusting them properly…surprise, surprise, my ears canals aren’t tiny, I just didn’t realize they don’t go into my ear canals, damnit!!

Then…the two of us sat there in front of Radio Shack, laughing until our bellys hurt wondering if the salesman was looking out the window knowing this would be a ::rolling eyes:: story he would be telling everyone in his day about the oldsters trying out the new IPOD.

I love “him” and his gadget ineptitude…ahem…okay…I mean our ineptitude 🙂

Until next time…


  1. hahaha that is hillarious. love it! Good luck playing with your new toys, have fun!!


  2. Equador???? The Bush family has major holdings there as well as a ranch house in the Andes. That’s where they will go to ride out the collapse of western civilization. I think I will go to Belize for that.Will you be staying with George and Barbara? I hear it’s lovely.


  3. Yes…we are going in February with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend who were just there in May and loved it 🙂


  4. Yay for new toys!  Enjoy!Are you going to Ecuador?


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