Rolling with the thankfulness

Before I start, I’m very thankful.  The list starts, of course, with my immediate family, then my awesome friends and extended family which are actually one in the same…then there are the people who put spice in my life..I don’t really know them well but I like to surround myself with their personalities.  Then there are the soldiers new and old who have insured my life and safety, this country which has a lot of disfunction but it is still home of the Free and the Brave.  I’m thankful for my health and the health of my family and friends..even more aware of this thankfulness because of recent events.  I’m truly thankful for the experiences I have had in my life because they made me who I am today..I’m thankful I have the means and opportunity to therapy in order to help me sort out what is normal and what is just that huge knot in my soul caused by Helen.  I’m thankful that I”m learning to roll with it.  I’ve always given lip-service to rolling with it – but I’m really learning it now.  Accept it and move on or ruminate in it and ruin another second, minute, hour, day, year of my life. 

I use this venue a lot for my own peace of mind and sometimes wonder if I should have more filters; but, that isn’t me.  This Thanksgiving is different from the thanksgivings past.  We are doing it different.  Life events which I don’t feel I have the right to discuss publicly have caused some change.  A few years ago, I would have stressed out…not about the need for a change, but because what would Helen and Frances say and How do I smooth it over with them.  Now, I can accept change because it is reality…we must move on and make new memories…we must be Thankful for the way it used to be and Thankful that we have a new plan.  It is okay…it is life and I’m very thankful!!

5 thoughts on “Rolling with the thankfulness

  1. thankful i can still find people like you here on xanga.


  2. Nice!  I like you unfiltered!Lots of change in your life but you seem to be moving forward and that is the best direction!Happy Thanksgiving Nina!


  3. @tracy – hahahaha..ya…I’m thankful for those nuts too!!!!!


  4. Sounds like a good place to be…..   Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. I am thankful for you.If you ever start putting on filters I will fly out there and smack you one. I know where you live and I know where you work, and I’m pretty sure that I could take you one on one with your skinny ass self.LOL I just remember the nice guy who thought I was probably an Internet stalker and out to kill you when I visited.


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