To: Jasper County Iowa 911…I thought about you guys

As an explanation to those of you who have chosen not to work in the emergency services business i.e. 911,EMS, Police, Fire, Nurses, you are lucky that you do not have to really get to know the humans that are actually not quite at the top of the food chain.  I’m talking about the people who absolutely cannot function on a daily basis without the help of one of the aforementioned services.  I’m not talking about what we accept as normal society.  Not arguing whether it is their fault or their parent’s fault or the fault of a substance they choose to use.  After a 30 year career as a 911 dispatcher, I’m still bitter.

With that being said.

I have heard many jokes from cops, on the threshold of retirement, threaten dispatchers that they are going to sit on the porch and call 911 every time a stray dog walks in their yard.  Why is this funny, you ask.  Because this is the life of cops and dispatchers…this is acceptable behavior from those people I was talking about who absolutely cannot function on a daily basis without the help of emergency services and feel they have the right to clog the emergency system with their 911 to the detriment of someone who may be dying in a house fire. ….and quite frankly, these people are not held in very high regard…so this is not so much funny but a gallows type humor, so to speak.

So….I was sitting on the deck yesterday watching the geese on the pond….as they landed on land, they started creeping up into the yard … one little step-peck at a time until they were no longer on HOA yard but MY YARD.




I love the geese who have made their home here in the neighbor…I just don’t love the evidence left in my yard once they step-peck-honk back to the water.  First, I thought about calling one of my old 911 peers and telling them there are geese in my yard – send a cop….and then I wanted to call the HOA President (who also happens to be a 911 dispatcher here) and tell him that I want these geese required to carry poop (oh NO there is that word again) bags to clean up after themselves.  But, I didn’t.  I just enjoyed the little scenario playing around in my head!

All of this because I’m retired, recovering from surgery and apparently don’t have enough to do!

Until next time….

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