narcotics, marijuana and mind your own business

I’m not a drinker of the bubbly.  I don’t see the purpose. 1) I do not like to NOT be in control of me. 2) If I’m going to drink something, it is going to taste good.  Personal preference.  I am going to put it out there that I believe without question that alcohol consumption is causing most of the grief and pain in our society…no less, in fact,  than the use of controlled substances and narcotics used by many to make their life palatable.

Until the residual crud from kidney cancer surgery, I have used very few prescription narcotics for pain relief.  I’m very afraid of the habitual affect of these pain relievers.  I received several lectures while in the hospital that relieving the pain after surgery is not just for comfort but actually aids in recovery because if the pain is restricting deep breaths or getting out of bed, things are not going to go well.  The morning after surgery, one of the nurses I adored walked into the room and said.  Nina…push that morphine button now.  They hooked me up with the morphine self medicator…apparently I was  low on the compliance scale…I was high the rest of the morning until they switched me to oral pain meds.  While I can say that the pain was low and my personality apparently uninhibited, its not how I would want to go through my normal life.  BTW I’m still using an occasional pain pill this 2nd week after surgery.  Sometimes it just feels good to not have to worry about whether this or that is going to cause me pain.  No Guilt.  The nurse told me that is why the surgeon sends you home with a prescription….and I finally believe her.

With that being said.  Come on Missouri…legalize MJ.  I’ve been surrounded by the seeds-in-the-ashtray arrest mentality for 30 years…  Occasionally, I”m sure a good nasty drug bust happens because someone found MJ seeds or stems in someone’s trash…but these personal use MJ busts are not working…criminalizing normal people for smoking a little weed just infuriates me.  I haven’t smoked a joint since I was about 24 years old.  You do the math.  I’m in the minority.  I would venture a guess that there are more people, of every age, smoking pot regularly now than smoking cigarettes.

So…come on lawmakers, put down your bong and vote yes to legalize marijuana…and then pass me a joint, please.

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “narcotics, marijuana and mind your own business

  1. Cheesecake, toast and peanut butter were my favorites along with a shower and music from Boston…..perfect!


  2. Now that I think about it…maybe it’s chocolate cake that should be illegal.


  3. Yes…I agree. It will cut the gang activity on both sides of the border. It will reduce prison population and it will revolutionize medicine. Cannabis can do much more than ease the misery of chemotherapy. It is thought in many quarters to be able to CURE certain cancers.

    Why not at least make medical use legal? There are varieties of cannabis that do not have the THC buzz effect that are very useful for medical purposes.

    And seriously people, if someone wants to sit on their porch in June and get a buzz and enjoy the day, WTF is wrong with that? It won’t leave you with a headache. It won’t make you fat. It is not physically addictive (psychologically maybe). It’s natural. God made it!

    There are also safer methods for use now that eliminate the harsh chemical produced by burning the stuff.

    Want some real entertainment? Try playing Risk with a buzz. Or eating some chocolate cake…it becomes a new experience.


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