The most dangerous illness of all

I think we learn fear…I really don’t think it’s just natural to be afraid of things, everything, hyper vigilant in our fear, smothering fear. I’m not a disciple of the past life-reincarnation theory. Actually I fall right in the center…some things I hear or experience have me on the right -maybe- side of it. Then I walk along one foot in front of the other thinking naw…don’t believe it…..and with that little tangent about my belief system…there are times that I wonder if my fears “could” be the result of past karma, past life experiences…noticing fur on the ground while looking for nuts and the next thing you know, the saber tooth tiger is chasing me toward my cave entrance.

I was born from, raised by and fought off the fear that seeped from my mother’s pores. As an example, when my first child was born, my mother was standing in my kitchen comforting the crying baby. When I walked into the room, she told me I should take the child to the doctor and have her tested for cyclic fibrosis because her skin tasted salty. My very first reaction was 0 to 60 rage…my mothers terror was always a recognizable shadow…always with her.

Which leads me right into taking your shoes off when you come in the house….inspired by a Facebook share bestowing the fear of what is on the bottom of the shoe…including a bacteria which can lead to nasty infections with symptoms raging from diarrhea to potentially fatal inflammation. OMG and here I was only worried about the China manufactured disease killing hundreds of thousands along with eating hamburger that has been in my fridge for three days….and number one on the list…the mental illness from which I suffer…the fear and disgust of other people’s bare feet…especially when those bare feet are visible to me in my house or close enough to me that I can recognize them as actual human unclothed feet.

It’s no wonder we are a society of fear, hate and discontent..we are afraid of everything. It is contagious and it is the most dangerous Illness of all!

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3 thoughts on “The most dangerous illness of all

  1. It’s not the kids that are raised in squalor that are allergic to everything and sick all the time. It’s the ones whose moms follow them around with a Lysol wipe. Being exposed to germs stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies to ordinary germs. Strength comes from resistance, not the attempt to avoid absolutely every single germ. Fear and avoidance produce cowards that are afraid of everything. There is a Helen Keller quote that goes something like, “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Hope that helps. Fear sucks.

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  2. And then there’s the ppl that do everything right and still get sick. And the ones who do everything wrong and don’t. Have you watched “Hoarders”?? I mean how are those ppl even walking around breathing?! I never ever click on anything, like I just saw, “Which part of the airplane seat have the most germs”…The articles actually piss me off because it’s just instilling fear. And also if I actually read them and then sit on an airplane, I will think about it and try not to touch anything! Yes, you are right, fear in the most dangerous thing of all.
    And as for your aversion to feet, my husband has that too. Sadly, I never get foot rubs.

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