check prejudice at sign-in

Today I’m not talking to you sign carriers of God Hates Fags.  While, yes…you have a right to your opinion and while yes…for the most part…I will listen to anyone’s opinion, you are hate mongers and I loathe you!

Today I’m not talking to you folks who genuinely believe that your God wants you to not support gay and marriage equality…that is okay.  I disagree with you but that is okay.

Today I’m talking to those of you who fear homosexuality for whatever reason.  You don’t want to be gay and have the burdens of living in our society with a target on your back…you are gay and you know that your friends and family will cast you out.  You have no idea how gays can do it sexually…the thought of it makes you cringe…hahaha..just think about what having sex with you is like for your partner.  Somewhere while growing up, you had it beat into your head, while at church or at the dinner table, you learned that you should be against those homos.

Please let go of everything you have heard and told to believe.  Please open your heart…really self reflect…how will marriage equality have any affect on you?  I’m not talking about all of the rhetoric that you can type out in the comments field…I’m talking about down deep inside…if you are not gay…what possible difference could this make to you?

I’m quite confident that some day, we will look back at the discrimination of homosexual people the same way we look back at the discrimination when we didn’t believe in race equality.  At least you probably don’t know when you are sitting at the front of the bus with a gay person and thankfully they don’t have to drink out of separate water fountains…because it isn’t catchy if that is what you are afraid of.

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6 thoughts on “check prejudice at sign-in

  1. Couldn’t agree more. for crying out loud, my 90 year old grandparents could understand that you’re born how you’re born and that’s that. I think that some ppl just want to hate. As for the religious part of it, I would wonder that if you say you believe that God doesn’t make mistakes, then what exactly can you be arguing about here?  What I hope more ppl are understanding is this isn’t just about being “allowed to marry” this is about all the rights you’re denied if it isn’t recognized legally. That is pure discrimination, morally, ethically and just fundamentally wrong. And no matter how you feel, that needs to change and NOW!Yeah our great granchildren will wonder a lot about us, how we could discriminate the way we have, how we could’ve done what we’ve done to our environment and food supply. Hopefully they’ll at least realize that SOME of us were trying to change things.


  2. It is the “sanctity of marriage” arguments that blow my mind.First, I cannot see any way how the union of two people in love will have any affect over marriage in general.But then we have circuses like the Kardacians (sp) who have a million dollars thrown at them to put on a show and get divorced 15 minutes later.Other celebs who marry more times than one can count on one hand.Drunken idiots who marry the person they met at the bar the night before.And the saddest ones, sereal marriers who choose sex over the safety of their own children.  We hear about these when the new step parent murders the “old” kid.There is a skanky show on the air right now called “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” and another about gypsies where the newly married one who has been pregnant slightly longer than she has been married is saying she is getting a divorce and going back to stripping (no, I don’t watch the shows. The commercials are enough.:Sanctity my ass.


  3. I think it is time for marriage equality and people need to stop worrying about “the gays”, frankly, I think we have more problems with “the straights”.


  4. @tracy – Maybe we give some of those way too much credit.  There is a huge different between being book smart and being smart


  5. It’s hard to understand the fear for me. Especially with people that I know, or that I suspect are quite smart.


  6. We at Table 54 agree with your statements.  We also feel the time is NOW for Gay Marriage to be made legal throughout these United States.  Being equal in this country has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin.  It has nothing to do with how one preforms sex in the privacy of their bedroom.  It has to do with having the right to marry whomever you are in love with.  America learned this lesson in the late 50s when it finally became legal for people of color to marry whites.  When the Supreme Court rules against Proposition 8 within the coming months and then strikes down DOMA soon after, we may see Gay Marriage legalized throughout the USA once and for all.  We hope so!-Y


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