The Gay Shock….

I’m struggling with the content of something I shared on Facebook today.

The 32 year old republican congressman from Illinois has been subject of much public debate about what gender he chooses to sleep with.  I, personally, don’t care.  Apparently this congressman makes every effort in his “job” to vote against and rail against gay men and women’s rights.  That pisses me off.  I believe that  no one has the right to “out” someone else’s sexual orientation…and this is exactly what is happening if you click on the link above.  They are outing him and boldly expressing their opinion about whether he is or isn’t gay.  My initial reaction was disgust when I watched it…but as it banged around in the belfry this morning, I started the slow, arduous climb up the steps of my soapbox.  if he is a typical conservative, straight homophobe and wants to decide who we should or shouldn’t sleep with – then I think he is a dark blob in our society and will just put him in the pen with the others of same mind.  But if he IS gay, what is he doing?  Who is he?  If he is gay and believes the gay lifestyle is an abomination and chooses to remain celibate, then I can understand where is is coming from but is he, in fact, the person that the idiots on the link above are talking about.  Especially if it is true that he, in fact, enjoys the company of a same sex individual in the shower…Who is he and why would he publicly vote against who he is…it is exactly the two steps back that homosexual human beings are trying to recover.

So…while I detest the drama and the players in the video, if he is a practicing gay man, then hell yes…out him.  Stepping aside from my moral disgust and forging on with my indignation and human reaction!

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The left…the right…cleaning house

I like to clean house.  I find it very peaceful…I like clean…and I love to sit down in the evening and relax knowing everything is clean and in its place.  I especially like the days when I'm home alone so I don't have to consider someone else's expectations – I can clean – get side tracked, clean, watch a little tv, clean….clean and think with no distractions.  I just noticed that when I'm thinking about how to spell destractions…I used a long E…but know that it is  distractions with a short I.

My thoughts about a certain family remember who tends to lean to the right politically was a deep focus.  I was thinking about what I know of his lifestyle.  He is not religious so doesn't have those pulls…he is very successful financially…he goes for it and gets it done and I think he is very smart…and I thought…ahhh..he is fiscally conservative…which makes total sense.  I don't know where he stands on any of the platform issues and will have to ask him…like abortion, gun control, gay marriage, etc. 

I was also raised by "republicans".  My father was very, VERY fiscally conservative, he loved guns…was probably one of the first in line to get a carry permit back in the dark ages…I assume he was against abortion – he would have probably been anti-gay mostly because he didn't understand it…he had hard as rock beliefs in what he thought was wrong and right.  He was an agnostic.  My mother grew up in a bible thumper family – very religious.  She and her sister cooked for the ministers after church on Sunday when they were young.  My mother was an anti abortion and anti gay person until I explained to her what that meant if she, me or one of my daughters was going to die because they couldn't get an abortion and or would have to carry a rape baby that they didn't want or if one of the girls decided they wanted a same sex marriage.  If it was her family…then they should be able to do what they wanted to do…but, by golly…she didn't believe everyone else should have that right.  typical….*sticks finger in mouth to throw up.  She was one of those people who put her love of God out there for other people but did  not live it in her own temple, so to speak.

I know longer believe that conservatives are the religious right and us liberals are the devil's hands.  No labels.  What I do believe and what disgusts me the most are the right religious radicals who God has personally delivered a message to who are against human rights.  The ones who live their lives and crank out the religious bull shit about what God wants and doesn't want…yet fight against social assistance to those less fortunate and wouldn't hesitate to throw a gay person under a bus or kill an abortion doctor.  I have no idea how I got here but that's what I"m thinking about today….Oh ya…it started when I was thinking about the nephew.

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check prejudice at sign-in

Today I’m not talking to you sign carriers of God Hates Fags.  While, yes…you have a right to your opinion and while yes…for the most part…I will listen to anyone’s opinion, you are hate mongers and I loathe you!

Today I’m not talking to you folks who genuinely believe that your God wants you to not support gay and marriage equality…that is okay.  I disagree with you but that is okay.

Today I’m talking to those of you who fear homosexuality for whatever reason.  You don’t want to be gay and have the burdens of living in our society with a target on your back…you are gay and you know that your friends and family will cast you out.  You have no idea how gays can do it sexually…the thought of it makes you cringe…hahaha..just think about what having sex with you is like for your partner.  Somewhere while growing up, you had it beat into your head, while at church or at the dinner table, you learned that you should be against those homos.

Please let go of everything you have heard and told to believe.  Please open your heart…really self reflect…how will marriage equality have any affect on you?  I’m not talking about all of the rhetoric that you can type out in the comments field…I’m talking about down deep inside…if you are not gay…what possible difference could this make to you?

I’m quite confident that some day, we will look back at the discrimination of homosexual people the same way we look back at the discrimination when we didn’t believe in race equality.  At least you probably don’t know when you are sitting at the front of the bus with a gay person and thankfully they don’t have to drink out of separate water fountains…because it isn’t catchy if that is what you are afraid of.

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….and while I’m up here on the soapbox

Let’s hear it for Iowa Supreme Court justices who were forced to hear arguments upholding Iowa’s law limiting marriage to a man and a woman….According to the Des Moines Register, the oral argument to uphold the law was simply that to allow persons of the same sex to marry will discourage heterosexual couples from wanting to marry.  OH PLEASE…..

The article goes on to say that more than one justice observed that the state of Iowa has approved no-fault divorce, it allows convicted felons, sex offenders, deadbeat dads and prison inmates to marry and it currently allows gay and lesbian folks to adopt children or to be foster parents. 

This is not a constitutional law question…this is politics …as I have said before…us heterosexuals have certainly done a bang up job with marriage…maybe there is a fear that gay and lesbian couples will make us look bad.  Is it true that sperm donars and perverts have more rights in the marriage institution than two people who want to commit to one another and are like us in every way except for their sexual preference in the privacy of their own bedroom.  Somebody get me a rainbow flag…I want to march in their parade!