I seriously finally heard it today

“I see a real possibility that because of law suits already filed, soon we will be okaying multiple partners as well as beastial marriages.”

The ignorance of that statement made me so mad that I shut off my computer and went in and watched Ellen and listened to the cats hissing at each other.  They must have read it too.    I will not respond to the statement other than on my own blog where I can say whatever it is I want to say.  We have freedom of speech…he has every right to say what he thinks.  I’m just embarrassed for christians … he is a minister and he is representing them…

Until next time..

3 thoughts on “I seriously finally heard it today

  1. As my niece would say, Haters gonna hate.OMG! I just edited this twice cuz I keep saying it wrong. Simple point I’m trying to make, is that some Conservative Christians are the biggest haters out there so that statement isn’t as surprising as it should be.


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