Random with a capital R

The last two mornings I have been quite taken with the beauty of the moon going down in the west.  This morning a herd of deer crossed the road before I did.  I KNOW that one of them was carrying the picture of a motor vehicle they are supposed to find should Mr Phelps accept the Mission.

I have two cats in time out.  Seems that my #1 and #2 dominant cats – both male and neutered have taken a disliking in the last 3 days to female cat #6.  It’s rock and roll with hissing, batting, chasing and fighting.  Anyone know what is going on.  #6 has lived here about 5 months…she has been a constant hisser but they normally just give her a wide berth. 

I’m trying to give the separation of church and state some time off today.  It exhausts me!

Why is the fact that someone commits suicide anyone’s business…why is it necessary for the news media to rape the family’s history, emotions and grief.  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT.  It is not news…perhaps a suicide in a public place information has merit…keeps the speculations down..but why are any of the details public record …. it just makes my head want to explode.  Leave the family alone you damn vultures!

I get to see my girls this weekend.  I’m very excited..I’m giddy…

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Random with a capital R

  1. Enjoy some good girl time! That makes up for so much crap in the world.Your spy deer made me laugh. 🙂


  2. I’m glad you get to see the girls! Much laughing will ensue I’m sure.Maybe the boys have just decided enough is enough of her crankyness and are exerting dominance. Maybe coupled with springtime. Maybe she doesn’t feel good and is giving off a weird vibe to them.


  3. This particular full moon you refer to has religious significance. I know you were trying to avoid that, but the fact is that this is the Passover moon. It is also the full moon that determines which Sunday Easter will fall on.Here is the rule. The first full moon after the vernal equinox (first day of spring) commences passover week. Passover began on Tuesday night (first night of the full moon) and will end on the Sater. Easter is always on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox.There are smaller and more obscure Jewish and Christian sects that have other ways they believe are more correct to calculate the arrival of Passover and Easter. The methods tend to strain out gnats as it were and the purpose of both celebrations gets lost in the legalese of these sects. For me as a Christian, every Sunday is Resurrection Sunday. I do not need a spring holiday. Much like Christmas, the real Easter celebration has it’s roots in paganism. Hence, the hiding of eggs, the display of lillys and other new growth of spring which were symbols of the arrival of spring and the associated pagan fertility deities. It is a fact that Jesus rose from the dead on the first Sunday after Passover, but the real reckoning of those Passovers has been lost through the centuries. It was finally tied to the vernal equinox by Jews and Christians sometime after church and state merged in the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine.You can wake up now. I’m done.


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