She’s holding a crumb picker-upper and she had just rolled her eyes…But I though she looked so adorable, I had to take a picture.  We spent the weekend in Kansas City with them.  It is such a sentimental, surreal feeling seeing your daughter pregnant.  I have no idea if my mother felt that way about me.  Of course when I was pregnant with the girls, we wore cotton “maternity” shirts – big and long – to cover it all up.

I’ve been reading blogs this morning..I was up off and on all night because of the cat feud we have going on.  I fancy myself as a crazy cat lady who understands her cats…no..really…I understand them clueless but I’m not successful with Baxter and Billy’s newly developed hatred for Belle…can’t let this go on!

I’m kind of in my “just saw the girls this weekend” funk.  I always get this way.  I’ll be seeing Katy more this week because she is back in Iowa for spring break.    He and I made some tentative firm decisions this weekend about our retirement and moving further south.  I mean…this is what a lot of the fields looked like in KC this weekend.

How can you not love that!!!!

Until next time…

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  1. Daughter was in Kansas City for a couple of years for school so we were out that way many times. It was a lot milder, but got pretty hot in the summer. This last winter they got such bad storms, but luckily it was never that bad while she was out there, until she came home for a visit!I always thought North Carolina would be a good place, if ever we could afford to move to a place to retire.But I am sure we will stay right where we are. We can’t afford to retire, anyway.


  2. I remember my mother was so angry at me during my (one and only) pregnancy.  She acted as if she was ashamed of me the whole time.  I think seeing a new generation coming into the world is an awesome thing and suspect this child will be spoiled…a very good thing.Also read your “bologna” comment and laughed.  It’s not about the eating in front of the TV all the time, it’s about courtesy.  I’m old.  I’m old-fashioned.  Oh…and he ate bologna and cheese roll-ups for dinner.


  3. I remember those dumb shirts. Big, huge bags that covered us up. She does look so adorable. Pregnant women are so beautiful. It sounds like a cat whisperer.


  4. I’m from Iowa, too, but have lived in Texas for about 25 years. We’re approaching retirement and even though the weather here in the winter is nice, the summers suck! I’d like to move farther north. Too bad that everyplace that is not to hot or cold is in Tornado Alley!


  5. I understand the funk. 😦 I imagine that will be much harder to cope with once there is a new generation.She does look adorable by the way!


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