This is my BFF, Kimba…which originally stood for Kim-bad-attitude but now is just lovingly her name.  She is going to be very upset with me for posting these two pictures of her…She did not lose her left hand while cooking as it appears in Picture #2.  It just happened….her sleeve being down…she didn’t lose her hand.  Kimba has been my best friend since 1987 when she was hired as a part-time dispatcher for the county….I was about 3 months away from delivering my youngest.  So…theoretically, there has never been a time in Kate’s life when Kim hasn’t been in her life.  There is not a person on earth who knows more about me…we have laughed together, cried together, forgiven each other, said OH SHIT together.  We spent the day together in Des Moines for continuing ed training.  It was excruciating but we were together.  My only disappointment is that she had to put on her glasses every time I passed a note to her…no stealth where we are concerned!  I just wanted to share her with you today.  It is not possible to have a better friend.  Love you, Balmer!


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  1. I have a very good friend named Kim, and she is also a bad ass….this made me laugh so hard!


  2. What a joy to have someone like that in your life. You are a very lucky woman.


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