check prejudice at sign-in

Today I’m not talking to you sign carriers of God Hates Fags.  While, yes…you have a right to your opinion and while yes…for the most part…I will listen to anyone’s opinion, you are hate mongers and I loathe you!

Today I’m not talking to you folks who genuinely believe that your God wants you to not support gay and marriage equality…that is okay.  I disagree with you but that is okay.

Today I’m talking to those of you who fear homosexuality for whatever reason.  You don’t want to be gay and have the burdens of living in our society with a target on your back…you are gay and you know that your friends and family will cast you out.  You have no idea how gays can do it sexually…the thought of it makes you cringe…hahaha..just think about what having sex with you is like for your partner.  Somewhere while growing up, you had it beat into your head, while at church or at the dinner table, you learned that you should be against those homos.

Please let go of everything you have heard and told to believe.  Please open your heart…really self reflect…how will marriage equality have any affect on you?  I’m not talking about all of the rhetoric that you can type out in the comments field…I’m talking about down deep inside…if you are not gay…what possible difference could this make to you?

I’m quite confident that some day, we will look back at the discrimination of homosexual people the same way we look back at the discrimination when we didn’t believe in race equality.  At least you probably don’t know when you are sitting at the front of the bus with a gay person and thankfully they don’t have to drink out of separate water fountains…because it isn’t catchy if that is what you are afraid of.

Until next time….