Holy crap, Batman…we got it all…everything that was intended for us.  Freezing rain, snow and snow drifts…most gravel roads are completely blocked…there are several people sitting in their cars waiting for plows on gravel roads…county road crews tell us they are doing the highways first – then will start on the gravels – just making one sweep and moving on…if the road isn’t opened today – they will get it tomorrow…. ahh – yes the heartland, God’s country 🙂

I slept from about 1800 to 2030 then couldn’t go back to sleep…I traded I worked 2300 to 0300 then went back to bed..she called my cell and got me up at 7:22…I showered and now feel fresh as a daisy.  The night dispatcher put a chocolate on my pillow when she left – that was fun…then someone hung a sign on my door resembling a bear on a cot that said “bear hibernating do not disturb”.  Kim, I know your handwriting and artwork.  :)))))

May not get home tonight…we’ll see.  I’m on my days off.  I will call Jenny to see if they have been plowed out..surely one of us will have a plowed road.

Later from the arctic…..

4 thoughts on “Paralyzed

  1. Oh, and like daughter like father, Jenny pulled a daddy a while ago.  I had this quiz on my facebook page, and Jenny used my password to browse around and ended up taking my own quiz.  Now, it displays that I took my own quiz, and I can’t delete it.  Good thing she got 100%, that could have been more embarassing.


  2. Hahahaha Kim. Good job.  Also, knowing Kim (and the rest of the dispatchers) this gag was probably pulled while the phones were ringing off the hook and semis were driving straight through buildings.  All the while, the bear sleeps on.ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz


  3. How in the world do you make that sound so fun?  The chocolate on the pillow cracked me up!


  4. Just came in from cleaning the driveways. A end loader just went by pushing snow so maybe you can get home tonight. Now just sitting here at the window watching the wind blow the snow back in the driveway.  Spent some quality time with the ladies next door, they could’nt get the front door unlocked. They’re sure that Dana will be here and won’t be able to get in. If you get this give me a call
          The Saint


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