Just a hair shy of 10 inches

The last time I recall rain irritating me this much was a year ago April….Suzy was down for her birthday and we had to sit in the house all weekend because IT WOULDN’T STOP RAINING. We finally drove over to the Kansas side to a Greek restaurant with a belly dancer and Moscow mules…..even though I seldom drink, I had a feeling the Moscow mules would help! That was the weekend before a spring trip to Bennett Spring which had received even more rain so we had to cancel because the campground was flooded and I was irritable!

I’m struggling with positive personal affirmations today as I sit at the table surrounded by gloomy skies that look like more rain…we are out of the drought because of the nearly 10 inches of rain that fell in a couple days. I think this calls for some positive affirmations…quietly sending them out into the universe….

  • We needed a good bath to wash the slimy, ugliness that has permeated the news.
  • Our grounds and streams and plants and trees will thrive with the moisture
  • I lift up those struggling with wet basements and houses and businesses under water
    When the clouds part, I know the sun will feel warmer, brighter and bigger; I know how this works….
  • While I’ve been writing this, it has started misting again. I realize I need to take some action and make an effort to control something I have the illusion I can control….like the cats!
  • Until next time…
  • The girl tomato plant is producing tomatos…


    and the big boy…ya…not so much.  Not that everything has to be a competition…but…looks like the girls are winning in my little tomato patch.  Just saying’!

    It’s been a rainy and cloudy few months.  I finally have my sinus headache to a managable pain level…I have been faithfully using my neti pot and used ice on my forehead this morning.  Big improvement.


    I wish we could send 1/2 of the rain over to help California and Nevada.  Now that I”m feeling better, I’m hankering to be outside and doing something.  My cabin fever is kicking in…

    I did venture out to pick the tomato and fell in love, again this year, with the amazing color of my lily.


    I hope to be able to divide them so I have a huge blast of this color next year!

    The joy of my day.


    Until next time….

    Grapes, honey and bee stings

    While sharing a big ole bowl of red grapes with Jaxon this afternoon, I had another thankful moment.  Grandparents say that if they had known how much fun their grandchildren would be they would have had them first.  Jax and I spent quality time eating grapes together – pulling them off the stem and determining a place we are going to put the little stems that come off with the grape.  I enjoy watching him refine his small motor skills picking those tiny stems off the grape.  I enjoy the announcement with each grape of whether it is purple or red.  I grin as he learns the excitement of getting a grape off the stem without a pesky little stem.  It’s hard for me to be the adult and put the grapes away instead of letting him eat every single one that he wants.  Ya…it wasn’t that way raising my kids.



    Fun afternoon yesterday watching geese from the deck, helping “Nina” water and dead head flowers until a wasp got him.  Suffice to say the wasp and all of his family have now been murdered with chemical.


    Honey is the ticket.  We tried to start with ice but he was having none of it.  Then i remembered something I had heard about honey on stings.  Oh my goodness…I’m here to tell you, he stopped crying immediately and the large white swelled area was gone within the hour.  The only issue was honey in his hair.  Jenny msg me last night to tell me he has a bug bite in his belly button and thought she should put honey on it 🙂  Note to all – miracle cure!

    We got pounded with rain last night – rain and wind.


    Broke off a tall limb from one of our trees in the backyard.  Lots of folks had worse damage.  Slept right through the two Code Red notifications.  Need to revisit this possible problem.

    Jax and I deadheaded pounded flowers this afternoon…  some are bald.  bummer.

    Until next time….

    Rain, clouds, sun….

    When I went into the shower this morning, it was raining….a nice gentle rain…when I came out of the shower the sun was poking thru the clouds…I have always appreciated this act of Mother Nature because it always reminded me of appreciating the good times after you have weathered the bad times.



    Then my very next thought was (don’t hate me because I’m retired) that every day of retirement is like summer. I no longer look at the forecast and have angst because it s going to rain or snow or storm on my days off…if the weather doesn’t meet my particular needs, I can change what I’m going to do that day. Every day of retirement, I appreciate something new that I had not realized would be a perk.

    Don’t hate me because I’m retired just trust me that when it comes, it will be worth all of the agony of the daily grind that you are calling life right now.

    Until next time…..


    Holy crap, Batman…we got it all…everything that was intended for us.  Freezing rain, snow and snow drifts…most gravel roads are completely blocked…there are several people sitting in their cars waiting for plows on gravel roads…county road crews tell us they are doing the highways first – then will start on the gravels – just making one sweep and moving on…if the road isn’t opened today – they will get it tomorrow…. ahh – yes the heartland, God’s country 🙂

    I slept from about 1800 to 2030 then couldn’t go back to sleep…I traded Kim..so I worked 2300 to 0300 then went back to bed..she called my cell and got me up at 7:22…I showered and now feel fresh as a daisy.  The night dispatcher put a chocolate on my pillow when she left – that was fun…then someone hung a sign on my door resembling a bear on a cot that said “bear hibernating do not disturb”.  Kim, I know your handwriting and artwork.  :)))))

    May not get home tonight…we’ll see.  I’m on my days off.  I will call Jenny to see if they have been plowed out..surely one of us will have a plowed road.

    Later from the arctic…..

    Where were you when the lights went out

    Unfortunately, a fact of life, when the weather gets cold and icy and you most want to tuck yourself on the davenport and watch tv…the electric goes out.  February 2007 we were without power for 3 or 4 days – which was a short time compared to a lot of folks.  We became survivors – paid way too much for an electric generator, bought a propane heater and learned to live without electric.  It sucked!!!  The rain/ice/snow storm today brought power lines down and similar circumstances; not the magnitude of February, but you know what went thru everyone’s mind when their power went off today.  We took the generator over to mom’s house so she and Aunt Frances could stay warm using a space heater, the microwave and one lamp.  When I got home from work, we lit candles and sat around saying “isn’t this cozy” but with absolutely nothing to talk about.  It was getting cold – about 60 degrees, so we decided to go out for supper…we got home and the power was still out so “he” decided to go ahead and start the propane heater and I was off to bed.  I heard the old VCR in our bedroom start to make noise (it must have been sitting turned on for several years because we don’t use it anymore) and WELLLLAAAA

    I’m going to bed now – I am working 5a to 3p tomorrow…but life is back into perspective again.  We have heat, we have TV,  Jenny had a safe trip to Philly and back and was able to land in Des Moines, the animals are relaxing from being stirred up with the unspoken irritation in the air.  Life is good.

    Until next time…..