Rain, clouds, sun….

When I went into the shower this morning, it was raining….a nice gentle rain…when I came out of the shower the sun was poking thru the clouds…I have always appreciated this act of Mother Nature because it always reminded me of appreciating the good times after you have weathered the bad times.



Then my very next thought was (don’t hate me because I’m retired) that every day of retirement is like summer. I no longer look at the forecast and have angst because it s going to rain or snow or storm on my days off…if the weather doesn’t meet my particular needs, I can change what I’m going to do that day. Every day of retirement, I appreciate something new that I had not realized would be a perk.

Don’t hate me because I’m retired just trust me that when it comes, it will be worth all of the agony of the daily grind that you are calling life right now.

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “Rain, clouds, sun….

  1. I am so happy for you and the life you and Phil have built for yourselves!


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