The girl tomato plant is producing tomatos…


and the big boy…ya…not so much.  Not that everything has to be a competition…but…looks like the girls are winning in my little tomato patch.  Just saying’!

It’s been a rainy and cloudy few months.  I finally have my sinus headache to a managable pain level…I have been faithfully using my neti pot and used ice on my forehead this morning.  Big improvement.


I wish we could send 1/2 of the rain over to help California and Nevada.  Now that I”m feeling better, I’m hankering to be outside and doing something.  My cabin fever is kicking in…

I did venture out to pick the tomato and fell in love, again this year, with the amazing color of my lily.


I hope to be able to divide them so I have a huge blast of this color next year!

The joy of my day.


Until next time….

4 thoughts on “The girl tomato plant is producing tomatos…

  1. Ya, Bruce had a “description tag” on him when his Mom brought him home from the hospital, but now he’s Caitlyn…what can I say. Tags are misleading.

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  2. How do you know it’s a girl tomato? It could be a transtomato.


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