Nephrectomy….today is the one month mark

…and today I am finally feeling almost normal.  Looking back on the ordeal, I have these little tidbits of wisdom.

  • an organ was cut out, cut yourself a break and rest
  • keep ahead of the pain with the narcotic pain relievers once you get home
  • use a stool softener
  • ice, ice, ice the incision sites (I had my kidney removed laparoscopically  and have 3 punctures and a 3″ incision)
  • if you have a recliner – use it.  Sleeping the first few nights in the recliner is a pain saver
  • drink lots of plain water to keep the plumbing in good working order
  • walk as much as you can.  It does make a difference!
  • have a pillow handy to grab for sneezes, coughs and unexpected movement
  • get a velcro belly belt and wear it!  I wore mine for almost 4 weeks and it helps!!!
  • know that you will heal…the pain does not last forever.
  • If you do not have a good support system nearby, find an online group with which to participate.  It helps to compare notes and know that you are not alone in your misery.

I hope this helps someone…I know a lot of people are asking questions and seeking information because the fact that we have kidney cancer is scary enough.

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Nephrectomy….today is the one month mark

  1. Ah – congrats on the one month mark! Now you can take back normal, although you will never have the same normal again. Everything now will be a little bit brighter and intense. 🙂

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  2. Those are great suggestions. It really does help to have people to talk to and to know as much as possible to help through recovery.

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