It may appear I’m attention seeking….

But holy mother of God, I fell again….on my back, my head bounced and I heard expletives in the parking garage which could have come out of my mouth but didn’t.

The last time this happened, I was in the parking lot of the sheriff’s office, walking Marsha Patterson’s police K9 over to pee when I got wrapped around the leash..this was in November of that year around Thanksgiving.  Flat on my back – couldn’t get up – sheriff’s office employees standing over me waiting for the ambulance.  I ended up being fine with back muscle pain which lasted over a year…and a total memory that will never disappear!

Just to preface…I’ve been doing planks…trying to strengthen up my core..I missed two days and decided Thursday night that I could hold on for 73 seconds…as Friday wore on, I was having some muscle spasms in the same spot as before…we left the auction early.

Walking into the parking garage with him carrying a box of dishes, he said ewww that’s slick and told me to walk over toward the door frame – which I did…holding onto it as I tried to walk around onto the dry concrete when BAM.

I don’t even notice the muscle pain in my left lower back now.  As closely as I can determine, the impact occurred on my right shoulder and elbow.  I’m sore but I’m fine.  The question to be asked here is how he could walk across the ice with just a skid and me not even able to take a step on the ice …I had no traction.  I think this is the difference.


While I figured my tennis shoes (bottom) had plenty of traction – I had a false sense of security – I need to have something more like his Merrills.  Which means, darn-it, I’m going to have to go shoe shopping…or…I will just stay home until spring arrives.  Decisions, Decisions!

Until next time….


Holy crap, Batman…we got it all…everything that was intended for us.  Freezing rain, snow and snow drifts…most gravel roads are completely blocked…there are several people sitting in their cars waiting for plows on gravel roads…county road crews tell us they are doing the highways first – then will start on the gravels – just making one sweep and moving on…if the road isn’t opened today – they will get it tomorrow…. ahh – yes the heartland, God’s country 🙂

I slept from about 1800 to 2030 then couldn’t go back to sleep…I traded I worked 2300 to 0300 then went back to bed..she called my cell and got me up at 7:22…I showered and now feel fresh as a daisy.  The night dispatcher put a chocolate on my pillow when she left – that was fun…then someone hung a sign on my door resembling a bear on a cot that said “bear hibernating do not disturb”.  Kim, I know your handwriting and artwork.  :)))))

May not get home tonight…we’ll see.  I’m on my days off.  I will call Jenny to see if they have been plowed out..surely one of us will have a plowed road.

Later from the arctic…..